Six runs in the first two innings, one there after , you would think seven runs equates to a win, not for the A’s.

Oakland lost 11-7 to the Detroit on Sunday after giving up two three-run home runs, one served up by Santiago Casilla (which is rare) and one by Russ Springer (not so rare). Trevor Cahill had the six-run cushion which lately would have suggested a win, as he has won his last two starts after receiving ample run support, but not today. Cahill (2-3) lasted only 2 1/3 innings, surrendering seven earned runs and seven hits, while walking two with zero strike outs.

The bullpen gave up four of the 11 runs, three by recently instated Casilla who came in very early-too early maybe- to replace cahill and one by home run friendly Springer.

Please don’t refrain from giving me your full opinions!

Post info: By KFinkas on May 17th, 2009
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  1. Rich DeSilva Says:

    Hey Kfinkas,

    I share the same dillema about Kennedy when Ellis returns. Elli’s my boy & He is well…Ellie!!!! We all know how solid his defense reigns & he’s always around .250 whith an adequate bat. To me it is allway so hard to yank a player (Kennedy)who is absolutely on FIRE right now. Adam has played awesome baseball in every phase since he has been in the line up.
    I know Geren will have to wrestle with it. Right now in my opinion, we need a veteran like Kennedy to get these kids through a very tough strech of horrific baseball. Right now the club house to the hotel room to the plane to the hotel room is not a good experience. Things are tense, dspressing, very uneasy & not a fun time right now for any of the players. When they are not playing bad baseball, they are snake bitten, jinxed & voodoo hexed! Five games minimum should no doubt be in the win colum which invert by 10 games. Something tells me that Kennedy has to continue to play somehow?? I don’t know. I just can’t wait for Chris Carter & Jemal Weeks to cultivate. Hate to say it but I would almost rather have Chris Cater get thrown in the fire & get some AB’s & experience now than continue to watch Giambis enemic & God aweful performances. It’s difficult to watch a veteran like Giambi struggle when you know he is capable of much much more. Todays 6 run blown lead & loss tells you everything you need to know about this dissapointing season & how it will more than likely play out. Door mat’s again I’m afraid. If you do the math for example… lets just say it will take a 91 win season to win the West? The A’s would then have to go 78-50 (28 GAMES OVER .500) the rest of the way just to be able to be considered into thit mix & thats only the best case scenario. If some one gets over 91 wins it will only be even more difficult. I know Texas will probably fade a little at some point but even they are on a 98-100 win pace right now. The veteran offensive expectations that lets us down & the never ending yearly injuries are within weeks of our own obituary.
    -Richie Rich

  2. Rich DeSilva Says:

    OK. Actually…. I really think that right now, the best thing for this organization, fans & especially players is to fire Geren. There are way too may reasons I say this but the most notable point & theory to this opinion that comes to mind is…. They can’t even come close to doing any worse now with a new manager. PERIOD. Secondly, I believe a shake up is in order because it can only enforce countability & immediate change. Every one must account for their job & this is a serious million dollar business & we are the laughing stock of the leauge now. Other clubs salivate when the see us on the schedule! They know their batting averages will go up & their pitching staff knows their ERS’s will no doubt go way down after facing us. You know, today I saw Jim Leland getting infront of one of his players today & let him know who is in charge & who they need to respect. He is a great manager & lets face it… Geren??? Come on… time to shake it up Billy… this move would be in the National spot light & the A’s would have no other choice but to rally & get their shit together for the front office, MLB, the sports world & the closely following media. Guys this is a solution & option I just think the A’s can’t afford NOT to make. Don’t ask me who the hell we can replace Geren with, but if I had the availability list that Billy has, it wouldn’t be that difficult ot that long for me to chose!!! Another cool vent- What do you guys think? -Richie Rich

  3. KFinkas Says:

    The thing with Kennedy is he will hit and his D is probably above average, with Mark Ellis, the best we can get is a .250 average and not much pop.

    I agree that Giambi is very bad right now and I wouldn’t argue against seeing a minor-leaguer, such as Tommy Everidge who IS hot, whereas Cris Carter is not, to take a couple of at bats from Giambi.Everidge is a complete beast who I have spoken about before. However,I can see it now, the A’s trade him or lose him before he can show what he can do like they did with Nelson Cruz, and Jesus Guzman. Tell me the A’s couldn’t use Cruz in this lineup.

  4. Nick Says:

    This team is in need of a major face lift. Gallagher and Cahill have major control issues and Anderson is not ready for the majors. The starting pitching is terrible on this team. The hitters that were acquired this offseason are washed up. It’s time for the person responsible for this mess to go. Mr. Beane, it’s time for you to leave. P.S. Take your useless assistant Forst and the useless Geren with you.

  5. Rich DeSilva Says:

    Oh I totally agree Nick! Gallagher was absolutely God Aweful tonight. His control issues have never been solved! The first inning was right out of a Stephen King Horror novel!!! He couldn’t hit the side of a Barn with a fricken beach ball!!! Disgusting & embarassing! The only way to recovery & rehabilitation in this horrific cluster fuck is to start by Firing Geren. Absolutely fire him YESTERDAY! Gimpers & limpers can take a walk too…yes you Chavy & Nomar & everyone else who cant play 4 games in a row without limping helplessly on to the DL. This is by far 100 times worse than last year for so many dissapointing reasons!!! This is by far one of the biggest backfire dissaters in recent A’s history! Each day you can swear to your self that it can’t get any more rediculous & they prove to the world that it absolutely can get more rediculous! I cannot even bare to watch anymore! Any realist knows that the season is over now & they are like deer in headlights & Pigs at the local slaughter house! Someone needs to be held accountable! I really dont know whats worse now realistically; The 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the 2009 Jokeland A’s? Another vent session, feels good!! -Rich

  6. KFinkas Says:

    Backfire I agree!Pie in the damn face!

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