The A’s lost game one of a weather-shortened two game series to the Yankees 5-3.

Athletics record stands at 5-8, their worst record to start a season since 2001.

The tying run came up to the plate in the ninth, in Orlando Cabrera with one on and two out, and he chose to bunt, and popped out to the pitcher for the last out. Nice call there. Cant even bunt.

Dana Eveland gave up four runs (all earned) in the second inning, all while lasting a whole four innings, walking four, striking out three and giving up nine hits. I’m going to say it now, if this guy doesn’t get on track soon, he’ll be back in triple A in an exchange for someone who can go six innings.

The A’s offense failed-once again- to take advantage of what early reports suggested, a home-run friendly park, with a bunch of singles. So exciting! Three long balls all season folks, that’s all.

Kurt Suzuki had four of the A’s 12 hits.

The offense looks pretty terrible and adjustments are going to have to be made. Holliday for example looks awful, swinging at pitches in the dirt on a consistent basis, and Chavez is another story for another day, can I buy a hit, (3-28) this year guys.

Another thing, Rajai Davis! Please do not start this guy anymore. He really looks like a pitcher when he’s up to bat, no faith in him at all. Am I wrong about that? He’s only useful as a defensive replacement, or on-base replacement in need of a situational steal.

The Athletic’s have really failed to take advantage of a temporarily weak AL West.

Woosahhhh people, Woosahhhh.

Post info: By KFinkas on April 21st, 2009
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  1. kevin Says:

    Woosahh is correct man…I’m going nuts watching these games. We have to be better than this.

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