Quickly to the positive side. Brett Anderson just pitched a two-hit complete game shutout and the A’s beat the Red Sox in Fenway 6-0. Seriously impressive.

Back to the headline…

I would like to get the opinions from you guys on how you think the A’s management is doing. There have been many young players called up and down this and last season, who thinks this affects the overall confidence and talent of the prospect? Also who thinks the A’s are letting talent waste away elsewhere.

Travis Buck is the latest to be sent back down to the minors after the A’s acquired another outfielder in 29-year-old Scott Hairston.

Here’s my list of players that could-of-been but probably wont because they haven’t been given a chance.

Travis Buck, Daric Barton, Gregorio Petit, Erik Patterson, Aaron Cunningham, Tommy Everidge (isn’t getting younger), and Jay Marshall. All these guys are having good minor league seasons, some great (Everidge, Patterson, Marshall) but some have noticeably struggled since being called up and down. Barton and Petit are the most obvious.

What are your thoughts?

*Update* to the player to be named late in the Hairston deal. The two pitchers the Pad’s will choose from are Dana Eveland and the prize in the Rich Harden deal, Sean Gallagher. How bad is the deal if they give up Gallagher?

Post info: By KFinkas on July 6th, 2009
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11 Responses to “Who thinks the Oakland management is wasting talent?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Well, both Gallagher and Eveland have been unimpressive when they’ve been given the chance to start. Gallagher has his moments, then he has moments where I swear he closes his eyes and throws as hard as he can. Eveland played pretty well last year, but has been terrible this year. Regardless of who goes, I think the A’s got a pretty good deal here. True, I’ve heard great things about Webb and Italiano, but trading for Hairston gives the A’s a hitter who can actually hit lefties, and it allows the A’s to focus on finding infield help now after Holliday is traded. I also know that Hairston made a pretty bad drop today, but who on the A’s hasn’t this season? Going on the other minor leaguers you stated, I’d love to see Marshall replace Casilla and if Nomar gets hurt again(not like it isn’t very likely), I’d love to see Everidge get called up over Barton or Hannahan. Anyways… going on about management. I give the offseason moves a D. Giambi, Holliday, Garciaparra, Cabrera and Springer have either been hurt or underperformed. I’d give them an F, but the Wuertz trade has actually worked out quite well for the A’s. As for moves that have taken place during the season, I give them an A. Adam Kennedy was a steal and I think they finally found someone that can help the offense against left-handed pitchers.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Nick but what help is Hairston in the long term? He does not figure to be an impact whenever the A’s next venture into the playoffs, so why bother with him? Guys like Webb, Italiano, and Gallagher/Eveland could be VERY useful, and in the long term. Yea, Hairston is under contract for a couple years, but he is a career .255 hitter with a .313 OBP. He is not what he has shown so far this year, not even close. I hated the trade from the beginning and the more I think about it the more I hate it…The padres sold high on Hairston perfectly and while we may have won this trade on the surface…I think it is only a setback to getting in the playoffs.

  3. KFinkas Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Kevin, against this trade as soon as it happened, however for different reasons. One it forced Buck back to the minors again, and two IF it’s Gallagher as the PTBNL which I assume it is, the Harden trade was very, very, bad. The A’s wont give Patterson a shot, and Donaldson (the third guy in that trade) will have a tough time playing in the Bigs.

  4. DBrown Says:

    I am concerned more with the “giving away of talent”.INSERT NAMES HERE. It seems to me our talent evaluators need to be fired!!! I swear it seems like this team(FO) has no idea how to build a winner. “Sorry for Yelling”…

  5. Kevin Says:

    KFinkas, that is a great point. I can only wonder what this organization is thinking. The harden trade was a disgrace looking back, even if he is struggling this year.

    What is going to happen to the 4 possibly 5 outfielders we have? Buck, Sweeney, Cunningham, and Hairston are going to have to fight for a spot, and I for one am going to be pissed if Sweeney, Buck, or Cunningham is going to be the Odd man out for Scott Hairston. On top of this, while Sean Doolittle is listed as a 1B in the minors, if Barton ever figures out how to hit major league pitching like he did his rookie year, then he should get the 1B job, and that pushes Doolittle to RF, where he could play.

    If this is the case, then either way one of Bucksweeneycunningham, is out of odds, not to even bring Hairston into the discussion.

    I can only hope that Beane is looking to deal Hairston right now. The Mets were interested before the A’s got him, maybe the A’s traded for him to trade him….maybe they like someone in the mets system.

  6. winchester Says:

    Why the heck are they selling so low on Gallagher? (if he is the PTBNL)

  7. KFinkas Says:

    Winchester, I have no clue, the guys only 23 I believe and still a work in progress…I hope he’s not the PTBNL.

  8. winchester Says:

    Sorry for this….but I really fucking hate the Scott Hairston trade now. I mean really? Sean Gallagher the prize of the Harden deal for a mediocre outfielder? Jesus christ. I’m losing a lot of faith in Billy…..

  9. Scott Says:

    How can you say Daric Barton hasn’t been given a chance? He was our regular 1st baseman last year and was absolutely terrible. If we could even get back a dollar for him I would take it.

  10. Scott Says:

    Jeff Gray deserves a shot to stick

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