Trevor Cahill and Booby Crosby were the MVP’s tonight as they helped the Athletics take game one of the East Bay, Bay Area rivalry 5-1.

Trevor Cahill was on his game tonight after allowing an early solo home run to Giant first baseman Travis Ishikawa. Cahill (5-5) went seven innings allowing only one earned run on four hits, striking out four and walking one, this all without topping the 100-pitch plateau.

Crosby drove in three of the five A’s runs with a two-run double in the sixth and an RBI ground out in the eighth. Other notables were the two hits apiece from Orlando Cabrera, who also drove in one, and ex-Giant Rajai Davis.

The task gets much tougher tomorrow as the Giants deal Tim “the freak” Lincecum. The A’s will try to counteract “the freak” with Vin Mazzaro.

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Another nail-biter led to an A’s win as the insurance run in the sixth proved to be the difference. The A’s beat the Dodgers in the second game of the three-game series 5-4.

Rookie pitcher Trevor Cahill was doing his job until the Oakland defense began to meltdown with costly errors leading to two runs. Cahill (4-5) allowed two runs (zero earned) on four hits in 51/3 innings. He struck out three and walked four.

The offense was led by home runs by Jack Cust and least likely Rajai Davis. Davis’ home run was a solo shot to left and Jack Cust, a two-run shot to left center. The A’s had a 4-0 lead until the fifth, sixth and seventh inning led to four runs for the Dodgers. If not for the insurance run in the sixth this game might have ended up as a defensive loss.

Orlando Cabrera continues to pile up the errors making him the worst defensive shortstop in the Big’s. He sure hasn’t materialized. Bobby Crosby is beginning to look better and better to me.

The game ended with Andrew Bailey shutting the door for his sixth save.

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The A’s came back form a 3-0 deficit to tie the game in the eighth, then in the bottom of the ninth, runners on second and third and one out, Rajia Davis takes the first pitch for a game-winning single. Game over!

Orlando Cabrera brought in Jack Hannahan with an RBI single in the eighth to narrow the margin to 3-1. Then with a Cabrera on base Adam Kennedy tied things up with a home run to right.

Trevor Cahill was going to be the losing pitcher after pitching another more-than quality start until the offense saved him. Cahill gave up all three runs in the fourth on a three-run home run by Joe Crede. Cahill went seven innings surrendering seven hits, two walks and struck out two.

Nicely salvaged game I must say. Go A’s!

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That’s five straight and a series win versus the Orioles.

The game was looking like another blowout, something similar to last night’s 9-1 victory, that was until Bob Geren decided to manage again. With a nine-run cushion heading into the seventh inning and Trevor Cahill (tonight’s starter) at a comfortable 91 pitch mark, Geren chose to make a move to the bullpen because there were men on first and third nobody out. The move back-fired (once again) and Cahill was stuck with two earned runs. Two more scored and the 9-0 lead was now 9-4. What more can be said about Bob Geren. Has this guy ever heard of playing through adversity?

Aside from what I’m calling sabotage, things went well for the A’s tonight. Cahill pitched like a veteran and the offense continued to get runs on the board. However; If I could give out an error to someone tonight it would obviously be Geren, he would inherit three of the four runs scored for his misuse of the bullpen (your welcome Ziegler and Breslow, Bailey your still the man).

Cahill’s night was awesome, two runs (one earned because of manager) on six hits in six-plus innings of work. Cahill (3-5) struck out five and walked none.

The A’s offense pounded out 13 hits tying an Oakland-record with 8 doubles. Jason Giambi drove in three with a two-out bases clearing double down the right-field line. Adam Kennedy and Orlando Cabrera each drove in two apiece, Cabrera had a three-hit night. Kennedy, Matt Holliday and Rajai Davis each had two-hit nights.

Five straight and they’re playing the Orioles again tomorrow boys, only 7 1/2 back of Texas and rolling.

Green and Gold and doubles galore!

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The A’s put up two runs on five hits, two hits and both RBI’s coming off the bat of Matt Holliday’s two-run blast to left. It wasn’t enough as they fell to the Chi-Towner’s from the south, 6-2. Two runs isn’t going to cut it. Coming into tonight’s game, opposing pitcher Gavin Floyd had a six-plus ERA . The A’s probably did him a favor and reset his season as they have done with several struggling pitchers this season.

Trevor Cahill started things off a bit shaky with some first inning walks but calmed down quickly and lasted 52/3 innings surrendering only two runs. Cahill (2-5) allowed only three hits, walked two and struck out three. No one can say these young guns (Cahill, Outman, Anderson) haven’t pulled their own weight given the circumstances, the offense however is not. Six of the nine starters tonight have .250 or below averages which obviously won’t cut it.

The Holliday watch has begun, if he continues to get hot will the A’s receive a bounty of prospects or was the deal to aquire him (C-Gon. Street, Smith) too much? If the A’s can aquire one solid prospect I won’t complain, conisdering the former haven’t panned out anyway.  Or would you guys prefer a type-a amount of picks next year? This team is obviously built for the future, I wonder what Mr. Bean has in mind…

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Trevor Cahill vs. Erik Bedard round two, fight!

It was a great fight today boys, but somebody had to win and it went to the team who doesn’t retain the anemic, non-existent force, who is Rajai Davis and the recently looney Russ Springer.

Mariners 6, Athletics 1

The offense was limited to five hits, one home run and the rest singles..Yes singles. Bobby Crosby hit the home run of all people. The 7-8-9 lineup should never look like this: Crosby, Rajai Davis, Jack Hannahan. Why can’t the A’s have Travis Buck or Aaron Cunningham in the lineup instead of Rajai Davis, who might as well of been a lefty facing another lefty today.

More ranting I know but it needs to be said.

Russ Springer, or “old-man Springer” which I like to call him, for some reason can barely get outs. Today he came into the ninth with a 4-1 Mariner lead and gave up three straight single, one that led to two runs, an out, another single, before getting out of the inning with a doulbel play. Something must me going on with Springer, family related or injury related I don’t know, but something needs to be done. Maybe a DL stint.

It’s a shame the A’s can’t back up a solid rookie performance from Cahill. Cahill (2-5) today went six innings, allowing three runs (two earned) on six hits while striking out five and walking one.

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Six runs in the first two innings, one there after , you would think seven runs equates to a win, not for the A’s.

Oakland lost 11-7 to the Detroit on Sunday after giving up two three-run home runs, one served up by Santiago Casilla (which is rare) and one by Russ Springer (not so rare). Trevor Cahill had the six-run cushion which lately would have suggested a win, as he has won his last two starts after receiving ample run support, but not today. Cahill (2-3) lasted only 2 1/3 innings, surrendering seven earned runs and seven hits, while walking two with zero strike outs.

The bullpen gave up four of the 11 runs, three by recently instated Casilla who came in very early-too early maybe- to replace cahill and one by home run friendly Springer.

Please don’t refrain from giving me your full opinions!

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It’s alive! At least it was Tuesday night. The A’s beat up on the Kansas City Royals 12-3.

After a short pep talk-initiated by Orlando Cabrera-with the offense, it didn’t take long to notice it had worked, as the A’s slaughtered the Royals pitching in the first four innings for 12 runs. The offense was led by whom else but motivational expert himself, Orland Cabrera.

Not only was it a great offensive performance, but the pitching didn’t disappoint either.

Starter Trevor Cahill (2-2) started things off shaky through the first two frames by loading the bases with two out ion the first, but he survived. The second inning was similar as Cahill gave up two hits but got out of the jam as well. He cruised through then next two innings before giving up solo home runs to Coco Crisp in the fifth, and Mike Jacobs in the sixth. His line was six innings, two earned runs, seven hits, two walks, and two strike outs.  Overall he pitched an effective game, although he still needs to work on his command, at times it looks as if he has no idea where his pitches will go. However, he does have an ERA of 3.69, not bad for the rookie.

This is what Billy Pitt paid for…

Orlando Cabrera had three hits to go along with four RBI’s while Matt Holliday, Jack Cust, and Kurt Suzuki each had two hits a piece. Cust had three RBI, all coming on a three-run sky-rocket home run to center. The remaining RBI’s went to Matt Hollday (2), Jason Giambi (2),and Jack Hannahan (1).

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After Thursday’s 9-4 win over the Rangers, and all of the bad baseball we have seen as of late, the A’s still are only four back in the division. With Seattle coming back down to earth as all of us A’s fans knew would, and the Angels and Rangers not doing enough to distance themselves, can they A’s finally pull it together?

If the A’s can pull it together offensively, and get some more good starts out of Josh Outman, Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson, and Dallas Braden, can they gain some ground quick? Does anyone believe the team is in the early stages of breaking out?

I’ll give my personal opinion and everyone else can either break it down or come up with their own.

I’ll keep it short.

The pitching is coming around, I see Trevor Cahill’s last start more of what we will see the remainder of the year (excluding an off day here or there, everyone gets one), and Dallas Braden will continue to be very solid and keep the A’s in the game. Brett Anderson seems to be on the cusp of turning in some good starts as long as his blister doesn’t linger. Josh Outman throws hard and he was very encouraging in Seattle last time out, I don’t see him consistently getting too deep in the game though. That leaves the five spot, I’m not sure who’s going to be there past this weekend in Sean Gallagher, so I’ll leave that one out.

If the offense can string together some offensive performances in the five to six-run territory, I could see the A’s taking charge in the division. They will need Suzuki, especially Giambi, and the role players to stay hot, like Bobby Crosby. I’ve heard Crosby’s just trying to play his way out of Oakland, we’ll take it.

I’m not really worried about the bullpen as long as they are not over-worked, or as Bob Geren likes to do it, under-worked. Had to throw that in there. He should still be packing his bags!

The Angels, Rangers, and Mariners haven’t had many difficult teams to face early in the season, but all that changes in the next two weeks. The Angels and Mariners will be beating each other up severely, like Pacquiao did Hatton, as they face each other seven times in the next 19 games. Then the A’s host the Mariners, and after their beat-down by the Halos, the A’s will take it to them, which will be the turning point, it has to be.

And Holliday, keep hitting Insane, beef-eating home runs.

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The A’s stole one back from the Mariners, a night after losing one in the ninth, 3-2.

The A’s scored the go-ahead run in the top of the ninth on a line drive by recently-called-up infielder Gregorio Petit who had three hits in the game. Petit’s two-out hit to right off David Ardsma was quickly gobbled up by Ichiro Suzuki but the throw short-hopped his catcher, and scoring from second was Bobby Crosby who ran over the catcher for good measure.

A’s record stands at 9-12

Rookie pitcher Trevor Cahill (o-2) had a bouce-back performance going six innings, giving up one run, seven hits, walking three and striking out one.

The offense struggled against another lefty, but Jason Giambi came through with two RBI’s, one on a double in the sixth, and the other in the eigth on a single to left.

Michael Wuertz got the save in place of “sick boy” Brad Ziegler , as he was ill.

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