Bullpen fails, A’s lose 8-7 in eleven innings to the Diamondbacks.

Yeah, that’s how it’s going for the A’s, four home runs off one of the most dominant pitchers in the National league in Dan Haren, still doesn’t equate to a win. Way to go bullpen, especially you Springer.

After another shaky outing in the eighth inning by reliever Russ Springer-whom for whatever reason is still the setup man- the A’s saw a five-to-one lead erased in one inning. Springer never recorded an out, Chat it up guys, plenty to discuss here. Instead of having Brad Ziegler come in late in the game, Manager Bob Geren chose to bring him in for the seventh. Ask yourselves this, who would you rather have late in the game right now, Springer or Ziegler. Where was Casilla in the eight?

Too bad for recently-recalled pitcher Edgar Gonzalez who pitched a solid game but failed to pick up the win after leaving the sixth inning with a five to one lead. Gonzalez went five-plus innings giving up one run on four hits, he struck out four and walked two.

The bright spot in the game was obviously the long-balls, one more special than the others. Jason Giambi hit his 400th career home run in the fourth inning off Dan Haren. Jack Cust started the home run parade with a two-run shot to right center in the first, followed by solo variety’s from Giambi, Adam Kennedy in the fourth and Nomar Garciaparra’s coming in the fifth.

PS: Jack Hannahan and Bob Geren are spies.

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Tonight’s game against the Rangers has been postponed due to rain.

Mark Ellis and Nomar Garciaparra have been placed on the disabled list as expected, after suffering similar calf injuries.

The A’s called up infielder Erik Patterson and reliever Kevin Cameron from Sacramento.

I’m sure no one is shocked by this news, but being the optimist that I am, I like the Patterson move. As of right now were not losing much because Ellis hasn’t been his defensive self this year and Patterson might be able to provide some offensive spark, and he can steal some bags.

Now the pessimistic side of me, however, hates to see Garciaparra placed on the DL, but who was he kidding. He’s just that type of player at this point in his career, whatever we get from him we’ll take it. They didn’t pay him much anyways.

What are your guys feelings now?

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Four A’s players (Garciaparra, Ellis, Anderson, Casilla) left Tuesday’s game versus the Rangers with injuries, Garciaparra and Ellis with calf injuries, Anderson a blister, and Casilla an apparent leg injury.

By the way, the A’s (7-10) lost 5-4thanks to some spotty defense, and what I’m calling some awkward circumstances. Two pitchers left the game injured (Anderson, and Casilla) with at bats still in progress and both resulted in two runs, which proved to be the difference.

The A’s are more than on pace to meet last years 54 appearances on the DL, hope I’m worng.

The offense tonight did manage to get 10 hits, although they were all singles aside from Sweeney’s home run. Brett Anderson had a pitching line as such: five plus innings pitched, four runs (one earned), three hits, two walks, and five strikeouts. Too bad he had to leave early.  Orlando Cabrera went three for four, Ryan Sweeney, two for four with one RBI, and Bobby Crosby had two hits in three at bats.


Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, and… forget it, he just looks awful, and me using the Woosah phrase too much.

Wishful trends:

Ryan Sweeney hitting the long ball, Orlando Cabrera going three for four, and Brett Anderson pitching like a veteran, all on a consistent basis.

Don’t panick just yet, Woosah Woosah

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The A’s Saturday, defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 5-2, preventing what would have been their six straight loss.

Dallas Braden was mostly effective in 52/3 innings,  limiting the Rays to one run on four hits, with two strike outs and three walks.

The offense, although not great, came through in timely fashion, with Nomar Garciaparra driving in three with a three-run double in the fourth, an inning after Travis Buck striking gold with a solo home-run. Also Jason Giambi finally came through, with an insurance run in the seventh, hitting his first dinger, since rejoining the Athletics.

Look for Buck to break out in the upcoming few games, I’m calling it. He just needs the at bats.

Anyone else have a break out prediction?

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You gotta love this game!

A’s win it in the ninth with three runs off garbage closer Brian Fuentes, (personal shot I know but it’s a blog) after trailing most of the night three nothing. The A’s got to the Angels bullpen for three in the eighth and three more in the ninth, then Brad Ziegler shut the door.

MVP of the night for me is Ryan Sweeney who continued hitting tonight with another three-hit performance, the most pivotal of the three coming in the eighth with two on and two out. Sweeney roped a line drive single up the middle to put the A’s within reaching distance. The ninth then came around and with two outs, Suzuki squibbed a hit up halfway up the first base line that should have ended the game, but Angels closer Fuentes and catcher Napoli hesitated and Suzuki was safe. Next up was pinch-hitter Nomar Garciaparra who hit a floater into left that drove in the tying run.

The next two runs came via base hits from Mark Ellis and “sick boy” Matt Holiday. Holiday came into the game as a pinch hitter because he was sick with the flu. The guy gets my respect with the effort, although earlier I was a little frustrated not seeing him in the lineup again.

A’s  burly left-hander Dana Eveland went six innings while giving up three earned runs, eight hits, and walking two, while striking out four. Eveland was cruising through the game until the fourth, where he surrendered all three runs and four hits.

Rookie reliever Andrew Bailey got the win, his first ever Major League victory as he continued to impress with another scoreless inning of relief.

Take it easy A’s fans

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A’s take game two from rival Angels, 6-4

Man I love having “the bouncer” back in the lineup. He makes me wanna scream, “you’re my boy blue!”

Tonight, although a nail-biter for Major League virgin pitcher Trevor Cahill and some of us fans, showcased what the A’s are capable of offensively and defensively.

Cust will drop some little league fly balls and cost the A’s runs, while the remaining Oakland defense will mostly do what’s expected of a major-league club.

Garciaparra tonight gets my praise, as he dug up some difficult in-betweener’s from Erik Chavez and Orlando Cabrera.  Also, I’m swallowing my words (for now) from yesterday but not digesting them until I can see some consistency from Garciaparra at first, but tonight he really was big for the A’s.

I won’t waste any time on the Cust in right field drama, we all know too well by now, but I will say this, he got one more than he gave up, so that’s a plus. The remaining offense was great tonight, 16 hits! Nice 2009 coming out parties for Giambi, Cust, and Sweeney, all with three hits, while Gaciaparra and Ellis had two apiece.

Young Trevor Cahill had to be feeling it tonight, facing the division rival Angels, a huge stage, bigger expectations, and a bunch of family and friends all watching. Considering all of that, he did pretty well. He will have to be more consistent though, to stay up, but he held his own going five, walking five, and giving up five hits, while serving up three runs (two of them earned).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Matt Holiday was absent.

Nice job without their stud.

Until tomorrow, go green and gold!

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This post comes directly after the A’s victory over the Dodgers on Monday.

A’s spring record 11-6

The squad was shortened today as more cuts were made ( not exactly affecting today’s post ). Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary, a few good players were sent to their expected camp.

Now the competition…

Right field will either go to Jack Cust or Travis Buck or will Giambi or Garciaparra force Daric Barton to the minors?

What I would like to see if I had the choice is Buck in right with Cust DH’ing.  I know this would force Barton to Sacramento for more seasoning but Giambi is a first baseman, not Barton.  The A’s first baseman should at least hit for power and drive in runs, two things were unsure of with Barton. The only  criteria Barton has for sure is his defense, but we don’t need any more defense!

Right Field: Buck is the man to take over the final starting position in right because ( if healthy ), he can hit for average, has some pop, plus he covers plenty of ground out there in right. No argument for Cust manning right, I just don’t want to see it ( I know I’m in denial).

The remaining positions are -most likely- reserve positions (aside from third temporarilly, which belongs to Garciaparra thanks to Chavy’s health ). It looks like Rajai Davis will be depth in the outfield, once-prospect Landon Powell seems to have finally made the club as Kurt Suzuki’s back up ( based on the Bowen release), and Bobby Crosby as a “utility” guy. That leaves us two open spots.

So the infield could use another back-up, maybe a solid defender such as Gregorio Petit or Jack Hannahan, and the last spot will be between Denorfia, and Cunningham ( from what I’ve heard ).

I’ll take Petit for his bat and defense, and Denorfia for his upside ( and stellar play in WBC ).

Cunningham will be fine in tripple A for a while until the A’s need his depth.

So the 2009 opening day roster looks like this:( no particular order )

1st: Giambi

2nd: Ellis

SS: Cabrera

3rd: Garciaparra

Catcher: Suzuki

Reserves: Crosby, Petit, Powell, Denorfia, Davis

Rotation:All I know for sure is that there’s 5 anyone’s guess after Eveland and Braden.

Bullpen:Wuertz, Springer, Casilla, Blevins, Ziegler, Devine.

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As Susan Slusser reports, the A’s have pretty much come to an agreement with Nomar Garciaparra, so what does this mean? Is he really going to be support on the bench?

Hypothetical question: Who would you have more confidence in at third base offensively and defensively (if healthy), Chavez or Garciaparra? I ask this question because with Chavez’ injury history, this scenario might come into play sometime this season.

Garciaparra I believe has the power and average, but he lacks in defense where Chavez is king. I know Garciaparra is fragile as well but if helathy, does he offer more?

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