The A’s lost another, this time 6-3 to the San Francisco Giants. It’s tough to watch the cross-bay rivals dominate the A’s in this years inter-league play to the tone of 5-1, their best ever against Oakland. This was one of the poorest showings I have see in a while, what’s next? More Gio Gonzalez getting lit up by the GIANTS! Please no more Gio.

What are A’s fans supposed to be thinking right now, positive thoughts? Good luck. The product put on the field has looked nothing like the previous most A’s fans are accustomed to. To the A’s management: we know the pitching will be good, Mazzaro, Cahill, Anderson and Outman have shown that much, the question is what will the offense consist of? RIght now the only thing certain on the offensive side is Ryan Sweeney, Kurt Suzuki and Jack Cust. This team is in disarray and personally, I’m a little worried about what the future Athletics, specifically the offense, will consist of.

Is anyone else a bit skeptical about next year and beyond?

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It sure looked like the A’s offense was facing a stud-pitcher, Cy-young in the making, however, they weren’t. They faced a guy who basically has two pitches-fastball (not overwhelming), curveball (good)- and those two pitches have produced mediocre results so far this season. That is, until he faced the Oakland Athletics.

The A’s (13-22) lost 13-4 to the Tampa Bay Rays. The A’s offense managed nine hits, two hit games coming from Jack Cust, Adam Kennedy, and Travis Buck.


Orlando Cabrera hit his second home run in as many days and Jack Cust hit a meaningless two-run home run in the eighth to give him six long balls on the season.

The pitching was again, horrendous and it looks like more changes will be made soon, as starter Sean Gallagher gave up seven runs (all earned) on THREE hits, FIVE walks, and one strike out in 2 1/3 innings. Replacement, and recently recalled pitcher, Gio Gonzalez allowed four earned runs on six hits, THREE walks (yep, more walks), six strike outs in 3 2/3.

My favorite moment of the game was manager Bob Geren’s bullpen, speciffiocally Gio Gonzalez. Remeber that game in Seattle where the A’s blew the lead in the 13th? The one where the bullpen seemed to be running with their heads cut off? Well, it happend tonight with GIo Gonzalez. Bob Geren, “get Gonzalez up…wait sit him down, no up..” How about you, Bob Geren, sit down!

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A’s lose to the Mariners some how, 8-7.

If a manager could strike out, Bob Geren did just that tonight.

Dana Eveland…my oh my. Well he gets the loss tonight but he’s not worth talking about anymore.

After scoring three in the top of the 13th, head-case-Gio Gonzalez (in his fourth inning of work) loads the bases and A’s manager Bob Geren leaves him in. He walks in one run, and gives up a two-RBI hit to tie the game. Gonzalez was just called up to replace Santiago Casilla who was placed on the 15-day DL. Gonzalez must be close to a mental break-down. He then comes in to pitch the next inning too, another bad decision, but he get’s out of it. Over 100 pitches out of relief from Gonzalez! Wow.

During the 13th, Geren say’s he has no more pitchers available, but he tells Andrew Bailey to get up and then get down, and then up again, and down once again? The problem here is that he never puts Bailey in. Why would Bailey get warm (twice) and not come in?

Josh Outman was in line for the win but Russ Springer couldn’t hold onto the one-run lead and blew the save chance by allowing a solo home run to Kenji Johjima. Outman pitched well, giving up two earned runs, four hits, one walk, five strikeouts while lasting six innings.

Managers shouldn’t lose games.

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So here it is, the 2009 opening day, 25-man roster. Surprised by anything? how about Gio Gonzalez returning to Sacramento?

I must say, having Sean Gallagher as a long reliever scares me some. He has been very wild all spring. I’d rather have Gonzalez the long-reliever and Gallagher starting in Sacramento.

Also how about Andrew Bailey making the team straight from AA. He’s looked mighty impressive so why not give him a shot.

Bob Geren mentioned that his Saturday lineup will be opening day’s. Here it is for those of you who missed it:

RF Ryan Sweeney, SS Cabrera, 1B Jason Giambi, LF Matt Holliday, 3B Eric Chavez, DH Jack Cust, C Kurt Suzuki, RF Travis Buck and 2B Mark Ellis.

Let me know what you think of the decisions.


49 Brett Anderson

48 Andrew Bailey

13 Jerry Blevins

51 Dallas Braden

53 Trevor Cahill

44 Santiago Casilla

30 Dana Eveland

39 Sean Gallagher

55 Josh Outman

36 Russ Springer

48 Michael Wuertz

31 Brad Ziegler


35 Landon Powell

8 Kurt Suzuki


6 Travis Buck

32 Jack Cust

11 Rajai Davis

5 Matt Holliday

15 Ryan Sweeney


18 Orlando Cabrera

3 Eric Chavez

7 Bobby Crosby

14 Mark Ellis

1 Nomar Garciaparra

16 Jason Giambi

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The A’s today sent Vin Mazzaro to minor league camp, after two not so good appearances where he gave up 10 runs in his last 4 1/3 innings.

The rotation is still up in the air with prospects Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, Josh Outman, and non-roster Edgar Gonzalez still very much in the running.

Who wins the final two spots is up to anyone, it seems every week one leapfrogs another, or until one explodes as Mazzaro did. I’m taking bets, anyone have a projected rotation? Anyone dare to make a guarantee?

I will give my predictions after I see the group later this week instead of making educated guesses, but ultimatley, it could come down to early spring favorites, Outman and Gonzalez.

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A’s spring training record as of March 10, 7-5-1

As Spring Training continues for the A’s, not much has changes in the way of competition. The fifth (and possibly fourth) starting position is still up in the air, nobody has claimed it, though at times many have pitched well. Let’s again look into those fighting for a spot in the A’s rotation taking into account only those who in reality have a shot out of camp plus a sleeper.

Non-roster invitee Edgar Gonzalez Innings pitched  6 ERA 3.00

Josh Outman: innings pitched 6 2/3 ERA 4.05

Gio Gonzalez: innings pitched 61/3 ERA 5.68

Jerome Williams: innings pitched 7 ERA 5.14


Vince Mazzaro: innings pitched 5 ERA 0.00

So is there anyone you would feel comfortable having in the five spot to start the season?

Hopefully things will clear up in terms of competition, but as it looks right now, Gio Gonzalez is out of the mix. He has looked good at times but once he faces the slightest but of adversity, he becomes “wild thing” again.

Jerome Williams seems to be a long shot at best to make the rotation although early on he was impressive so who knows, he might still be considered.

For the remaining three, Josh Outman, Edgar Gonzalez, and Vince Mazzaro. Of the three, Outman was considered as a top candidate for the position to start the spring, yet he has lacked consistency, but he’s my pick to win the spot. Not on impressiveness, rather the lack of consistency from the rest. Also I could see the A’s giving Edgar Gonzalez a chance as well because of big-league experience, and Mazzaro on the fact that he’s been pitching great all spring, and he’s a ground ball pitcher.

Let me know your opinions on the rotation.

Part 2 :outfield/reserve up next

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Sunday’s game against Arizona clouded things just a little more for Oakland manger Bob Geren.

As the spring continues, the competition for the final spot in the Oakland rotation will be where most attention is focused. Today the A’s had another look at Edgar Gonzalez a long shot candidate but a candidate nonetheless.  I wouldn’t say his outing was completely forgettable because he did strike out four and issued zero walks. Gonzalez went 3 innings, giving up two runs on four hits most likely making the battle for the final spot that much more foggier. Those up for the final position, both Gonzalez’, Outman, Williams, ( now you can say Vincent Mazzaro) have all had up and down appearances.

Mazzaro, (All alone in the two solid outings category) held the D-BACK’S scorless in two relief innings of work, surrendering one hit and striking out three. Of the “little three” in the A’s minor Leauge system (Mazzaro, Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson) Mazzaro is the oldest. I have to believe that the chances of Mazzaro making the club out of spring are small however;  if he continues to out pitch those in front of him (both Gio and Edgar Gonzalez, Josh Outman, and Jerome Williams) we could be seeing an early glimpse of what the A’s farm system can yield.

You had to assume that Outman had the upper hand until today (two runs surrendered, four hits etc.) because his previous start was excellent. Now on the other hand, Gio Gonzalez -since only appearing once- might have the upper hand on Outman and the gang mainly because he’s next in line to pitch. If he can forget about his first appearance and dominate like most expected him to he might have a chance. Now personally, I don’t see Gonzalez doing so unless he can get over his mental episodes and just pitch.

So the race continues, who will pitch themselve into a starting gig for the A’s remains to be seen. Would anyone mind seeing Vin Mazzaro? if not, what would the A’s do with Gio Gonazalez and Josh Outman? There’s only room for one more lefty in the bullpen. Could this be the last we see of Gio if he fails to overcome himself? Hope not becasue he’s done nothing for his value on the trade market.

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As the first day of official spring ball wrapped up, Josh Outman has the edge for the final spot in the rotation. Today’s starter Outman (as I reported earlier) went two strong innings allowing a hit while fellow fifth spot competitor Gio Gonzalez didn’t fare as well, giving up an earned run on two hits with a strike out.

Crosby began his quest today, (remember the whole vendetta thing?) to change the minds of his doubters, by hitting a home run in his first at bat. Crosby finished the day with one hit in two at bats with a strikeout.

Travis Buck hit a two-run homer and dark horse candidate Vin Mazzaro held the Bre-Crew scoreless in an inning of relief. Does anyone think Mazzaro has a shot at winning the fifth spot out of camp?

The game ended in a tie, three after ten innings.

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The fifth starting positional battle is underway with left Josh Outman leading the way. 2 scorless innings

Gio Gonzalez is next as planned.

Bobby Crosby starts things off nicely with his first hit a big fly.

After  inning two, it is A’s 1 Brewers 0

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The Oakland A’s bats were hot Monday night however the pitching staff was terrible and the A’s still lost. The A’s gave up 14 runs to the Detroit Tigers and lost the first game of the series by the score of 14-8. Talk about a let down by the pitching staff.

Starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez only lasted 1 2/3 innings as he gave up five hits and charged with nine runs. A terrible start for Gonzalez as he put the Athletics in a big hole early in the game. The bullpen for the A’s wasn’t any better however as they gave up five more runs. Josh Outman was bad as he gave up four hits and three runs, Alan Embree was charged with one run while Jeff Gray also gave up one run.

Rajai Davis and Jack Hannahan both added two rbi each for the A’s at the plate. Daric Barton, Kurt Suzuki, Eric Patterson, and Cliff Pennington all chipped in with one rbi each as well. You can’t but the blame on the offense when they scored eight runs, they were not the reason the team lost this game.

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