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Hello baseball fans

I am here to introduce myself as a new Blogger to Athleticshomeplate.com. My name is Kevin and I will be a voice here for the upcoming 2009 season; however I will begin with spring training. A little something about myself: (Skip it if you’d like) I first began writing about baseball through message boards like most, but became infatuated and then infuriated with baseball writers who cover your local team, yet have favorable ties to the opposition. So now I will begin and thanks for visiting my blog.

The first official scrimmage begins Wednesday, February 25th, in Phoenix at Maryvale Baseball Park. For those of you who are attending, drop a line here to inform me about any worthwhile moments or experiences.

To more relevant news: SS Oakland Athletics

The most compelling story of the off season (and spring for that matter) for me is Bobby Crosby’s status as the starting short stop for the A’s. The pitching rotation is all but set with the fifth starter likely to go to Gio Gonzalez or will it be the other Gonzalez, Edgar? The non-roster invitee looked impressive in a sample intrasquad game today, who knows? I digress.

Crosby and the Short-Stop position gets my attention. Word’s out that Crosby has a vendetta!

Crosby-who has yet to fullfil his potential- is hard at work, attempting to put to good use the former “Bash Brother” Mark MCgwire’s  batting instruction.  From what I’ve seen in the media reports, naysayers-especially GM Billy Bean- have lost all faith in the former ROY. This alone has sparked Crosby and so far, he’s shown a significant change in his stance, swing, and approach. From camp, many are saying he looks good. For Crosby though, is this what has hampered his success, his swing, or has it been his frequent pine riding on the disabled list? I guess we’ll know sooner rather than later, or A’s fans wont have to worry if Orlando Cabrera agrees to a lesser contract, one or the other.

I’d like to here why anyone would appose a swap of Cabrera for Crosby. Say Cabrera agrees to a $4MM and the A’s pass Crosby’s service’s to another team, and cover half of his salary around $2.5MM. Sure the home runs might not be there but the average and OBP will. What is there to dislike?

Since this is my first post here, I assume there should be some feedback???

Well chomp on that for a while and I’ll be back for more.

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The Oakland Athletics have shipped outfielder Matt Murton to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for a middle infielder prospect named Corey Wimberly. Wimberly was recently ranked the 26th best prospect in the Rockies minor league organization. He hit 291/.370/.345 in Double A for the Rockies.

Matt Murton who came to the A’s in the Rich Harden deal with the Chicago Cubs was sent over to the Rockies. I would assume he would get more playing time with the Rockies and might actually put up a little bit of power hitting at Coors Field for half a season. We wish Matt the best!

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Veteran pitcher Russ Springer and the Oakland Athletics have agreed on a one-year contract for the 2009 season. Springer is a 16 year veteran and should be very valuable in the bullpen where the A’s are extrememly young. The contract is rumored to be in the $3 million range.

In the last two seasons with the St. Lous Cardinals, Springer went 10-2 with a 2.24 ERA and a .195 opponents’ batting average.

Good move for the A’s!

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Jason Giambi and the Oakland Athletics will be re-united for the 2009 season as the two agreed on a contract Wednesday. Giambi was signed for one year but there is also a one year club option for the 2010 season. This will be the second stint with the A’s for the Giambi as he spent his first 14 years of his career in Oakland.

The contract includes a 2009 salary of between $4 million-$4.5 million, with the option worth about $5.5 million. An option buyout of $1.5 million and annual incentive packages worth up to $250,000 also are said to be part of the deal.

Decent deal for the A’s even though Giambi is getting up there in age. He can still swing the bat pretty good just not like he was before he left the A’s to goto the New York Yankees.

A’s Blog

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Well it looks like Rafael Furcal will be headed back to the Atlanta Braves as reports are saying he chose the Braves over the A’s four year $40 million dollar offer that we blogged about yesterday. Furcal played with the Braves from 2000-2005 and still has his home there so when they came knocking, a deal was easily worked out it sounds like.

It’s also being rumored that Furcal wouldn’t even have came to the A’s if the Braves didn’t offer. He would have rathered re-signed with the Dodgers.

It’s unclear in which direction the A’s will be looking at now. Where do you think they should be looking at for a free agent or trade?

A’s Blog

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Good afternoon A’s fans! I just have a little but exciting update for today as we have learned that the Athletics have officialy offered shortstop Rafael Furcal a contract offer. The deal would be for four years and pay him $40 million dollars over the four year.

You probably remember that the A’s offered Furcal four years and $9 million per year last month but he was wanting $13 million a year. Now it looks like the market has come down for the shortstops and the A’s are hoping he will take their new deal at $10 million.

As it appears right now, the A’s are the front runners to sign Furcal. The Blue Jays are dropping out of the running for him, and I don’t see the Royals spending $40 million on him. I also doubt that he goes back to the Dodgers.

A’s Blog

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General manager Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics are going into the Winter meetings with more flexibility then they have had in previous years and that could mean a big signing or two in the near future for the club. Beane had the following to say about the upcoming Winter meetings:

“Whether you’re looking at free agents or trades or both, the idea is to improve your club every winter,” he said. “That never changes.”

One player the team is going after is shortstop Rafael Furcal. Furcal took a guided tour around the area with Beane last week is the big guy that Beane would like to get this off season. Although no actual contract as been offered up to this point, Fucal and the A’s are still interested in each other.

One thing is for sure, in the first time in a while, Beane and company have money to spend this offseason and that is a good thing because the team really needs to improve before the 2009 season.

Oakland Athletics

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The Oakland Athletics and the Colorado Rockies have reached a deal that would send outfielder Matt Holliday to the Oakland A’s. In exchange for Holliday, the A’s would be sending Greg Smith, Huston Street and Carlos Gonzalez to the Rockies.

Holliday, playing half his games at Coors Field, has 128 homers and 483 RBIs in five big league seasons. His best year was 2007, when he won the NL batting title with a .340 average and had 36 homers and a league-best 137 RBIs in helping the Rockies reach the World Series.

It sounds like a lot to get Holliday especially when he will be a free agent after the 2009 season. His agent is Scott Boras as well so I don’t think the A’s will have the money to sign him to a long term deal.

What do you think about the deal A’s fans?

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Second basemen Mark Ellisa and the Oakland Athletics have agreed on a new two year contract that includes an team option for the third year. The A’s mentioned early on that they would like to have Ellis back and Ellis didn’t want to go anywhere so working out the contract between both parties was pretty easy.

The two year contract will pay Ellis $11 million dollars while the third year would pay him six million dollars or a $500,000 buyout. Now the key for Ellis is staying healthy and playing great defense while hitting for average and getting on base.

Good signing as long as he stays healthy in my opinion.

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