7-6 A’s.

Ryan Sweeney, AKA. mr. clutch, the savior, did it again. What else can be said for his amazing, meaningful web-gems. Sweeney, with two out in the bottom of the ninth, up one run and the tying run at first, made an all-out diving catch which would have been the game-tying double off of BJ Upton’s bat.

Now Geren. Geren, Geren, Geren

He almost blew it again. Luckily Brett Anderson came away with his first career win.

With one on and nobody out in the seventh inning, starting pitcher Brett Anderson was pulled after throwing 80 pitches, the result? Nailbiting for all of us, as releiver Michael Wuertz gives up two hits and a run, but was bailed out with an inning ending doulbe-play, at home, I might add.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 20th, 2009
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  1. Mario Says:

    A nailbiter indeed.Leave Anderson in if not,Where was Bailey?Perfect situation for him.Glad we won, leave it at that.SWEENEY!!!!
    GO A’S!

  2. Nick Says:

    What an amazing catch by Sweeney at the end of the game! Anyways, good win by the A’s. They had some tight moments, especially the last two innings. Regardless, this still does not change my opinion on Geren or Anderson. I still need more from them before I can forget about their earlier season struggles.

  3. Nick Says:

    Also on Sweeney, he probably won’t win the Gold Glove award, which is extrememly unfair. Sweeney has been making great catches all season long. Hopefully his field play gets noticed and he earns that Gold Glove award.

  4. DBrown Says:

    Good for B.Anderson,getting his first win!!! I’m just surprised how they knocked Kazmir around?? This team baffles me… I bet thats exactly what Geren says.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Great to win a squeaker — Anderson did great and Sweeney’s defense is amazing — but Geren almost blew it. There was no reason for him to pull Anderson who was doing well and had thrown only 80 pitches! Yes, Wuertz has been doing great but he’s probably getting worn down a bit with all the use he’s getting. Geren should practice what preaches to have the starters go deeper in games — that would give the kids confidence and save the bullpen. And what is the point in putting Crosby at first as a late-inning defensive substitution for Giambi, who is much more experienced at that position? I really have my doubts about Geren.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Sweeney should not win a gold glove. I love him, and some of his game saving catches have been unbelievable this year, but he is just not a gold glove caliber CFer. He misreads balls off that bat, and while he doesn’t make errors, there are some balls he should have that he doesn’t get. This is in NO WAY a knock to Sweeney, he just isn’t a natural CFer, its like telling you to drive on the left side of the road tomorrow and it being flawless.
    However, i do like him in the future as an amazing/gold glove right fielder…especially with the arm he showed in 2008 yankee series.

  7. KFinkas Says:

    Having Crosby and Hannahan back to back in the order is ugly, to say the least.

  8. KFinkas Says:

    The 8 & 9 hitters should at least be contact hitters. Petit anyone?

  9. Nick Says:

    Way to go bullpen…

  10. KFinkas Says:


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