Another wooping, another poor offensive performance, and the A’s are barely treading water as they fell to 7 1/2 games out of first place to 13-20 with their second consecutive loss to the Tigers 9-1.

Dallas Braden was lit-up by the Tigers for six earned runs in five innings.The offense did nothing tonight, four hits and a run.

I’ll leave it to you guys to give me your input on what, if anything, should-or can- be done. I’ll comment further as I gather my thoughts as to why this team is playing so poorly.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 16th, 2009
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  1. Rich DeSilva Says:

    I am sure I share the same dissapointing sentements that every A’s fan is feeling right now! This is God aweful & absolutely unacceptable Baseball! It is litterally tourcher to watch. The out come of each game is obvious. Painfull is an undestatement. They should all be embarassed for humiliating themselves & underachieving!! The kids for the most part are holding thier own on the mound & the bull pen has been absolutely awesome. I have a problem with Geren’s batting order right now. Sweeney or Kennedy should at least lead off until Cabrera gets his **** together. I am so pist off at so many dam things this year, I am beside myself. I have been a Green & Gold faithful for over 34 years & this just pisses me off. There is no excuses for the poor hitting epidemic that the entire team seems to be catching with the exception of Suzuki, Cust & recently aquired Kennedy. Giambi is stinking up the world right now & his .206 batting average & 3 home runs absolutely SUCKS. Holliday is pressing & isn’t comfortable at all at the plate right now! They all feel the pressure & they should. The injuries are rediculous & simply out of a science fiction book!!! Chavy is done & has been for a long time now so this on going BS about him playing this year shouldn’t be so mysterious. I am livid about the enemic & pittaful offense. I knew when they scored that many runs in the 2 game Kansas City series that it was a precurser to a dry ass Detroit series & I was right! They totally suck offensively right now & the part that frustrates me is this line up should never be this bad even in the worst case scenario!!! Will Travis ever figure it out? Crosby’s 1st inning inexcusable error in last nights game that opened the flood gates for 5 unearned runs was the straw that broke the Camels back & killed the Camel actually. There are still 129 games left to this season but they are not progressing, they are digressing & fast!!!! The cancer is spreading & it’s doubtful the Kemo therapy can stop it. The hole is deep & is guarenteed to get deeper if they dont somehow turn this around quickly. Dukes probably not going to be Superman & save them. Giambi, Cabrera & Holliday have to immediately turn it on or the Eulogy must be written. Thanks for letting me vent guys…I could of written for the next 10 hours straight but it would just be too depressing to read!!! Billy, your in trouble now! Lew, you bit off more than you can handle. Your club is more than just a tax write off. Take the team seriously & invest a little more! Peace all- -Rich D.

  2. KFinkas Says:

    I feel you totally, and everyone knows it has been the offense that has held this team down. You know what’s most scary? The freakin Rangers are pitching!
    It’s sad that with the vulnerability of the Angels this early in the season, the A’s completely failed at taking an advantage.Know one expected this horrid start and us life-long A’s fan’s are experiencing some of the worst ball in a long time.
    Giambi, I hate to say it, looks like he is done. Hitting .250 will be tough, and Buck just needs consistent playing time in my opinion. I’ve said it before, but I think Geren has little faith in his team, at a time where he should have the most.

  3. Kevin Says:

    My only thoughts on the team thus far: start looking for mid-season trade candidates.
    Holliday, Ellis, Cabrera, Giambi, Springer, Outman, Eveland.

    Note that this is just my opinion, and it may just be a result of poor play buy…

    Say the A’s trade a couple or one of Buck/Sweeney/Barton for Lastings Milledge…They get a long term CF option. Or, after this season they go and get a Chone Figgens type for a long time. As much as we dislike the Angel, he is exactly what we need for CF. Fast, good defense, and an actual leadoff hitter. Milledge or Figgens could be good fits.

    Then with Holliday, Ellis, and Cabrera, try to get as many good prospects back as possible.
    Same thing with Eveland, Outman, and Braden.

    Then just take a couple bad seasons, until guys like Cardenas, Carter, Dixon, Weekes, Cunningham, Brown, Doolittle, Anderson, Simmons, Mazzaro, and Cahill are ready, Plus the prospects we get back from the trades at the All star break, and look to compete in 2012, like was originally planned. remember, we are supposed to be rebuilding.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Add guys like, Everdige, Ross, Donaldson, Sulentic, Hunter, and maybe Gio and Gallagher if they can work things out, along with Bailey, Devine, Zielger, Cassilla in the pen. That looks like a squad that can compete in the future…especially if they get a good haul from Holliday, Braden, Outman, Eveland, Ellis, Giambi, Cabrera, Springer…ect or whoever else they trade

  5. Kevin Says:

    Oh yeah, i totally forgot about Duke…if he can stay healthy from june till the all star break, he can get a pretty decent haul of prospects.
    Holliday, Braden, and Duke alone could render some very good prospects.

  6. KFinkas Says:

    I’m not in the trade mode just yet and if I were, I wouldn’t be talking about trading Outman,or Braden. Outman could be good, and Braden is turning out to be pretty decent, and they’re both cheap.

    How do you guys feel about having Kennedy in the lineup over Ellis when he returns?

  7. KFinkas Says:

    A very nice, a 6-0 lead basically erased by the third inning.

  8. KFinkas Says:

    Geren brings in Casilla in the third?? He better go two!

  9. KFinkas Says:


  10. KFinkas Says:

    A’s second worst record in the majors only behind the Nationals and it shows.

  11. KFinkas Says:

    Will it ever stop! Old man Springer is a as home run prone as Giese.

  12. Nick Says:

    Wow… another 3-run home-run allowed by the bullpen. This team is pathetic. Please Billy, fire Geren and hire a real manager.

  13. KFinkas Says:

    Seriously they might as well fire Geren, the team can’t do any worse.

  14. KFinkas Says:

    Anyone notice that the best reliever in Bailey has only pitched like twice in nine days. Once a work horse now a ghost?

  15. Nick Says:

    I think that goes to show you the incompetence of manager Bob Geren. He hardly ever changes up the struggling lineup, he rarely uses relievers from our bullpen that are performing well and he leaves pitchers out there too long. I still don’t know why Billy fired Macha, at least he could manage.

  16. KFinkas Says:

    How can you pitch Bailey (a rookie) so often and then not use him for a week? If a rookie is in a groove, use him, or else.

  17. KFinkas Says:

    Or else..two walks so far…

  18. KFinkas Says:

    and then two k’s…pheew!

  19. Rich DeSilva Says:

    Hey Kfinkas,

    I share the same dillema about Kennedy when Ellis returns. Elli’s my boy & He is well…Ellie!!!! We all know how solid his defense reigns & he’s always around .250 whith an adequate bat. To me it is allway so hard to yank a player (Kennedy)who is absolutely on FIRE right now. Adam has played awesome baseball in every phase since he has been in the line up.
    I know Geren will have to wrestle with it. Right now in my opinion, we need a veteran like Kennedy to get these kids through a very tough strech of horrific baseball. Right now the club house to the hotel room to the plane to the hotel room is not a good experience. Things are tense, dspressing, very uneasy & not a fun time right now for any of the players. When they are not playing bad baseball, they are snake bitten, jinxed & voodoo hexed! Five games minimum should no doubt be in the win colum which invert by 10 games. Something tells me that Kennedy has to continue to play somehow?? I don’t know. I just can’t wait for Chris Carter & Jemal Weeks to cultivate. Hate to say it but I would almost rather have Chris Cater get thrown in the fire & get some AB’s & experience now than continue to watch Giambis enemic & God aweful performances. It’s difficult to watch a veteran like Giambi struggle when you know he is capable of much much more. Todays 6 run blown lead & loss tells you everything you need to know about this dissapointing season & how it will more than likely play out. Door mat’s again I’m afraid. If you do the math for example… lets just say it will take a 91 win season to win the West? The A’s would then have to go 78-50 (28 GAMES OVER .500) the rest of the way just to be able to be considered into thit mix & thats only the best case scenario. If some one gets over 91 wins it will only be even more difficult. I know Texas will probably fade a little at some point but even they are on a 98-100 win pace right now. The veteran offensive expectations that lets us down & the never ending yearly injuries are within weeks of our own obituary.
    -Richie Rich

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