I still can’t get off of this topic, you know, Geren’s managing.

You have to love hearing from those so called “not available” pitchers for example Wuertz, telling reporters after last nights game, he felt fine physically. If I was a writer and I saw what had happened here, I’d be all over it, but so far there are no writers with the cohones to do so.

Supposedly the Mariner broadcasters were so confused as to what Geren was doing with his bullpen (you know, the musical chairs bit ) that they had someone run into the A’s press-box to find out. Great now it’s a circus for others to enjoy.

Just had to let offf some steam, continue on with your days, and hope we never see Eveland or Geren again.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 4th, 2009
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  1. NorthBayFan Says:

    I just got done watching Sunday’s ultimate choke performance and I had to write something. First, great start by Outman. That was the first time I have gotten to see him pitch on TV (usually listen on radio) and he looked good. Second, I don’t understand Geren choices as a manager. In the eigth Geren substituted Davis in for Cust and Hannahan in for Giambi. I understand taking Cust out of the outfield, but why not switch him to the DH, and let Suzuki rest his legs and why move crosby over to first and take Giambi out of the line-up? Geren took our two best power hitters out of the game when he could have kept both in and still put great defense on the field. Third, why did Geren stick with Gio in the 13th? He had close to 80 pitches. Why not go to Bailey (I know he pitched yesterday, but he was a started he has stam) or Giese? This game showcased Geren’s incompetence as a manager.

  2. NorthBayFan Says:

    FYI that was written yesterday immediately after the game.

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