This post comes directly after the A’s victory over the Dodgers on Monday.

A’s spring record 11-6

The squad was shortened today as more cuts were made ( not exactly affecting today’s post ). Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary, a few good players were sent to their expected camp.

Now the competition…

Right field will either go to Jack Cust or Travis Buck or will Giambi or Garciaparra force Daric Barton to the minors?

What I would like to see if I had the choice is Buck in right with Cust DH’ing.  I know this would force Barton to Sacramento for more seasoning but Giambi is a first baseman, not Barton.  The A’s first baseman should at least hit for power and drive in runs, two things were unsure of with Barton. The only  criteria Barton has for sure is his defense, but we don’t need any more defense!

Right Field: Buck is the man to take over the final starting position in right because ( if healthy ), he can hit for average, has some pop, plus he covers plenty of ground out there in right. No argument for Cust manning right, I just don’t want to see it ( I know I’m in denial).

The remaining positions are -most likely- reserve positions (aside from third temporarilly, which belongs to Garciaparra thanks to Chavy’s health ). It looks like Rajai Davis will be depth in the outfield, once-prospect Landon Powell seems to have finally made the club as Kurt Suzuki’s back up ( based on the Bowen release), and Bobby Crosby as a “utility” guy. That leaves us two open spots.

So the infield could use another back-up, maybe a solid defender such as Gregorio Petit or Jack Hannahan, and the last spot will be between Denorfia, and Cunningham ( from what I’ve heard ).

I’ll take Petit for his bat and defense, and Denorfia for his upside ( and stellar play in WBC ).

Cunningham will be fine in tripple A for a while until the A’s need his depth.

So the 2009 opening day roster looks like this:( no particular order )

1st: Giambi

2nd: Ellis

SS: Cabrera

3rd: Garciaparra

Catcher: Suzuki

Reserves: Crosby, Petit, Powell, Denorfia, Davis

Rotation:All I know for sure is that there’s 5 anyone’s guess after Eveland and Braden.

Bullpen:Wuertz, Springer, Casilla, Blevins, Ziegler, Devine.

Post info: By KFinkas on March 16th, 2009
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4 Responses to “Spring training competitions part 2 (right field/reserves)”

  1. jiggsy Says:

    I agree that Cust should not play in the outfield and that Davis should be given as much playing time as possible as the fourth outlielder, after Holliday, Sweeney, and Buck. But I’m afraid that Geren will do it since Billy loves Cust and wants him at bat as as much as possible. Have you given up on Chavez? Will he start the season on the DL?

  2. KFinkas Says:

    With Cust, I don’t mind him getting at bats, just not in right field.

    As for Chavez, he just cannot get healthy! Garciaparra will put up better numbers this year, mark my words. As a A’s fan I think I’ve reached my threshold with this guy. He will go down as one of the worst signings in A’s history, if not the worst.

  3. winchester Says:

    I think as long as Nomar is healthy, his bat has to be in the lineup. Its ok that he’ll start at 3rd, but IF (HUGE IF) Chavez comes back and is healthy, Nomar still needs to be there, and I would say for Cust.
    If Chavy is healthy, Nomar at first and Giambi DHing, Its between Buck and Cust in right. I think that buck would overall help our linup more than Cust.

    Fortunatly we might not have to worry about this with Chavy at 3rd…Nomar can be pretty settled in there..

  4. NorthBayFan Says:

    I agree with KFinkas in regards to his starting line-up. However, I would like to see Cunningham make the team over Denorfia. I think Cunningham showed he had the potential last season against MLB pitching, Denorfia is in his late twenties and still hast’t proven he can hit MLB pitching, I just don’t think he has as much of an upside.

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