A’s spring training record as of March 10, 7-5-1

As Spring Training continues for the A’s, not much has changes in the way of competition. The fifth (and possibly fourth) starting position is still up in the air, nobody has claimed it, though at times many have pitched well. Let’s again look into those fighting for a spot in the A’s rotation taking into account only those who in reality have a shot out of camp plus a sleeper.

Non-roster invitee Edgar Gonzalez Innings pitched  6 ERA 3.00

Josh Outman: innings pitched 6 2/3 ERA 4.05

Gio Gonzalez: innings pitched 61/3 ERA 5.68

Jerome Williams: innings pitched 7 ERA 5.14


Vince Mazzaro: innings pitched 5 ERA 0.00

So is there anyone you would feel comfortable having in the five spot to start the season?

Hopefully things will clear up in terms of competition, but as it looks right now, Gio Gonzalez is out of the mix. He has looked good at times but once he faces the slightest but of adversity, he becomes “wild thing” again.

Jerome Williams seems to be a long shot at best to make the rotation although early on he was impressive so who knows, he might still be considered.

For the remaining three, Josh Outman, Edgar Gonzalez, and Vince Mazzaro. Of the three, Outman was considered as a top candidate for the position to start the spring, yet he has lacked consistency, but he’s my pick to win the spot. Not on impressiveness, rather the lack of consistency from the rest. Also I could see the A’s giving Edgar Gonzalez a chance as well because of big-league experience, and Mazzaro on the fact that he’s been pitching great all spring, and he’s a ground ball pitcher.

Let me know your opinions on the rotation.

Part 2 :outfield/reserve up next

Post info: By KFinkas on March 10th, 2009
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  1. NorthBayFan Says:

    I think Gio should be on the big league roster, but as a spot starter and mainly a lefty out of the bullpen. Given his stats I would say Vince Mazzaro should be given one of the spots and Jerome Williams would be my front runner for the other. (if needed)I like Williams upside and the fact that he is a proven big league pitcher. He will only get better once he knocks of the rust.

  2. winchester Says:

    I’d say Gio and Outman start the year in the rotation. I want Mazzaro, Cahill, and Anderson to start the year together in AAA, I don’t want to break them up. If Gio controls himself, he has the most upside, so it would be pretty crazy not to give him a chance, and Outman also has a lot of potential.
    If the a’s are going to win this year, a lot of things are going to have to work out, and young pitching coming through is one of them. There is no way the A’s beat the angels with Jerome Williams or Edgar Gonzalez in the rotation. Those two have no upside, and I would rather watch someone who could be great (Outman, Gio) pitch and struggle, as opposed to an older scrub who at best will eat innings. If the A’s are going to win, they need something better than inning eaters, and Gio and Outman can be better than that. Plus, it doesn’t sacrifice the future.

  3. winchester Says:

    Also, as the inevitability that is Duke landing on the DL, I think the A’s should take a flier on Mark Mulder, because Mulder, unlike Williams or Edgar Gon, has actually had success at the major league level. If Mark is healthy, he could be a great pitcher, unlike Edgar and Jerome. We would easily win the division with a HEALTHY rotation of:

  4. winchester Says:

    And KFinkas, I’ve noticed you don’t seem to like Gio too much, can I ask why? He clearly has control issues, but he loves the game and is such a likeable person. I have his jersey because I love his character so much, and I would be so happy if you could win the last spot and just pitch well. However, if he keeps struggling I understand not wanting him in the rotation, but you have not given him much of a chance, you have to admit, when he is on, he looks GOOD.

  5. KFinkas Says:

    My issue with Gio is his inconsistency. I couldn’t tell you how glad I was to see the A’s get this guy in the deal for Swisher, but I think I see why. He is best suited for the bullpen. He doesn’t have the mental make-up to go five plus innings on a regular basis, and his walk totals will prevent him from pitching deep enough into games to be considered a starter. He could learn to become a great bullpen guy.

  6. winchester Says:

    The kid is still 23, and he has shown some signs of improving his command. It would not make sense to force him into the bullpen when he could be such a good starter. There is a reason he is consistantly ranked in the baseball america top 100 prospects, including being first for the white sox just a year ago, he could be a complete stud. If he keeps working on his command, he could be an ace, because at this point, he probably has better stuff than any of Simmons, Cahill, Anderson, and Mazzaro. He just cant controll it, but I would give him a shot.

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