After seeing the A’s and their possible opening-day roster, it looks like their lacking two vital components: Chemistry and pitching experience (obvious).

As most A’s teams in the past, chemistry and some timely pitching and hitting is what has driven this team for the past decade if not longer, and this will come eventually. Pitching, however, I’m not so sure of. After watching Trevor Cahill escape inning after inning on Friday against the lowly Padres, and then eventually getting tagged for a inevitable long ball, I have to say I’m worried. Aside from what many think, Cahill is in the running for that final spot in the rotation. If not for some very good defensive plays by Orlando Cabrera, and Erik Chavez, he might have surrendered a bunch more runs and left an inning early. His problem is that he gets behind the count on almost every batter, and when it’s time to finish the guy off, he loses control about 50 percent of the time. If he could someone get this problem fixed, there’s no doubt he could provide the A’s a good outing more times than not.

Brett Anderson looks more controlled and might have already taken the fourth spot. As a commenter pointed out, it would be nice to see the A’s start this guy (and Cahill for that matter) in the minors in order to retain him for an extra year before the dreaded free agency time comes around, but this guy seems ready.

Orlando Cabrera is looking like he’s going to be real fun to watch this season, on defense and offensively. He was making some plays at short look effortless. Seeing all these new guys in the green and gold was fantastic and it looks like we can have fairly high expectations for the offense.

The chemistry will be there in a couple of weeks and when this team clicks, no other team can really counter it, the offense will be raking!

Did anyone catch the lineup on Friday? Holliday batting fourth? Not to brag but I do remember someone predicting him in that spot ;) We’ll see if it last’s.

Post info: By KFinkas on March 29th, 2009
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  1. winchester Says:

    Haha nice call with Holliday.
    The rotation is going to struggle. No doubt. Even the guys we have a spot are getting lit up in spring (including Gallagher today).
    If the top three (Eve, Braden, Gall) stuggle, it wont matter who the 4,5 is, and thats why I want to see Outman in the rotation instead of others, and maybe a trade for an innings eater who is out of options. If the top three are not pitching, it will be a complete waste to have Cahill and Anderson in the rotation, killing the extra year we could have them, and possibly rushing them.

    I heard Gio is going to pitch in a game tuesday. Thats great news, if he can build his arm strength up and be in the rotation by the middle of april, I would be a lot more confident.

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