The A’s (9-14)  lost the first of a three-game series versus AL West “rival” Anaheim Angels (11-13) 5-2.

Brett Anderson struggled early and was pulled after 42/3innings (only 72 pitches) after allowing five earned runs on nine hits, no walks, and zero strike outs. His last start was cut short becasue of a blister and it seemed to bother him some today, as you could see him picking at it between at-bats. Sean Gallagher-recalled from Sacramento today-came in a pitched 32/3 scoreless innings of relief, but the A’s never had a chance, as their inept offense continued.

Kurt Suzuki-the lone bright spot-stayed hot even after a change in the batter order (leadoff), however, Matt Holliday continued to look out of it as he had two chances with runners in scoring position and both times popped out foul to first base, he went 0-4 on the day as did Jack Cust, Travis Buck, Gregorio Petit and Rajai davis would have too if he had a fourth at-bat.

Who thinks it’s time Rajai Davis packs his bags? He’s more of a liability in the outfield than an asset at the plate or on the bases. When he comes up to the plate you know the end result before he takes his first swing.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 4th, 2009
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  1. hbracer Says:

    This team is just not inspiring and it is not surprising after the losses they took in Seattle. Mabye I am an idiot but these days it looks like Beane is more concerned with making sure that Brad Pitt plays him in Moneyball than with anything that is going on on the field. After a month into the season it looks like Holliday never wanted to be traded here. He does not like this team or the American League which is not condusive to his aggresive style at the plate. I have never expected Geren to be a Torre or Pinella and I don’t think he is going to work any magic with this team. Chavez, Ellis, and Nomar are busts. Even if they come back somehow this team will not perform because the pitching is not even close to Mulder, Hudson, Zito. Which is what all of us were thought we were getting when Beane traded Haren. This is a disaster!! Lew Wolf and Billy Beane have to sit down and think about another strategy because this is just not going to work!!!

  2. 334 Says:

    Don’t blame Crosby, yeh his error caused 2 unearned runs, but the offense could have made up. And Crosby helped the offense by going 1 for 2 with a walk. He got on base 2 out of 3 times, which was more than Orlando or most of the other hitters in the lineup. The offense needs to pick it up. Also Orlando has the same amount of errors Crosby has and Crosby has played four different positions which is harder than playing 1 position.

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