The A’s today sent Vin Mazzaro to minor league camp, after two not so good appearances where he gave up 10 runs in his last 4 1/3 innings.

The rotation is still up in the air with prospects Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, Josh Outman, and non-roster Edgar Gonzalez still very much in the running.

Who wins the final two spots is up to anyone, it seems every week one leapfrogs another, or until one explodes as Mazzaro did. I’m taking bets, anyone have a projected rotation? Anyone dare to make a guarantee?

I will give my predictions after I see the group later this week instead of making educated guesses, but ultimatley, it could come down to early spring favorites, Outman and Gonzalez.

Post info: By KFinkas on March 23rd, 2009
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  1. winchester Says:

    I love our prospects as much as the next A’s fan, but I’m really in the boat that they are not ready. Clearly Vin Mazzaro wasn’t but Anderson and Cahill have both struggled at times, and I would hate to sacrifice a little of the future for 2009, when we have so many q’s. Plus, with them in the rotation, that means they become free agents in 2014, as opposed to if they start in the minors, 2015. I would love one more year of control of them in the PRIME as opposed to a year when you have no clue what your going to get.
    I believe the rotation should look like this:
    Duke (i read he will be ready for the 4 spot)
    Gio (needs to get healthy fast…)
    if Gio absolutly cannot Edgar Gonzalez.. EW
    I think we should get Shane Komine back for a couple weeks until gio is healthy…LOL
    WIth the way Outman is pitching against the Royals right now, He doesn’t deserve it yet. Maybe if he gives quality innings the rest of ST it can be him, but it would be hard to stick him in the rotation looking like the way he is now.

  2. NorthBayFan Says:

    Is the free agebt rule, that the player STARTS the season on the roster or that they spend anytime over the season on the roster. I think they should give the ball to Anderson or Cahill who ever earns it between now and then.

  3. winchester Says:

    It doesn’t matter when they spend their time in the Minors, they just have to spend time there…but you CAN NOT start the guy in the rotation, have him dominate, then send him back down when Duke and Gio are healthy just to gain an extra year of controll on him…If he is pitching well then he is going to be PISSED that your sending him down just to get him an extra year. Doing that would burn all bridges between the team and player, and probably would effect a lot of the prospects we have coming up, seeing how we treated that one…….

  4. NorthBayFan Says:

    I think it is pretty well set now, 1.Braden 2.Gallagher 3. Eveland 4. Anderson 5. Cahill
    That is the way I predict it. Andrew Bailey will get the nod for relief duty too.

  5. KFinkas Says:

    Cahill I’m not so sure of. His last couple outings have’nt gone well so we’ll see. I’m in Arizona now and will be relaying anything insightful to you guys. Anderson vs. Peavy today! See if he can keep the momentum.

  6. winchester Says:

    No way North Bay…Cahill doesn’t have a shot in hell to break camp with the team. He needs time in AAA. Anderson maybe, but Cahill is a no go. I agree with Ken Rosenthal, who said the A’s should go after guys like Jeff Niemann or Jason Hammel, who ever loses the 5th starter job in Tb, because they don’t have options left. They wouldn’t command much in a trade, and could fill in a gap until Gio and Duke get back.

    Thats what I want to see. I think Anderson could use some work in AAA, plus we get that crucial extra year of control

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