The A’s fell to the Angels 0-3 on opening night in Anaheim California. Starter Dallas Braden, I would have to say, did his job, surrendering three runs on eight hits, while walking one and striking out three. It was the offense that failed to get anything started, mustering a whole three hits (two off opposing starter Joe Saunders) while striking out twice.

New-comer, Matt Holiday and Orlando Cabrera, each went one for four while Jason Giambi and surprise starter Nomar Garciaparra failed to get hits.

The story was Angels Starters Joe Saunders, going sixth and two-thirds, yielding two hits, walking two and striking out two.

The side story for me was Nomar starting at first.

Oakland manager shifted the lineup from what was expected to showcase Travis Buck in right but instead elected to have Garciaparra in the lineup, forcing Buck to the bench.

This move proved costly as Garciaparra botched a throw in the dirt from shortstop Cabrera that resulted in another run making the game 2-0 Angels.

Why would Geren force Buck to the bench and Cust to right field?

This to me is forcing the issue of having Garciaparra in the lineup, and results in spotty defense in right. The philosophy is put up runs and play good defense behind the un-proven pitching, right??

Also can anyone explain to me why Geren would elect to have Garciaparra playing first over Giambi? I know Giambi’s defense isn’t great but he’s a better defender at the corner than is Garciaparra.

The A’s offense will click, don’t worry but Geren must be careful on the lineups he’s putting in there, or it could lead to some heartbreaking games for the green-horn pitchers.

Let me know what you think of the opening day roster and the first game.

Go A’s!

Post info: By KFinkas on April 6th, 2009
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  1. DBrown Says:

    Agreed,wouldnt have this problem if Barton at LEAST would have been half decent last year. Prompting the Giambi as well as the nomar insurance. taking up CASH and infield roster spots for 1stbase???????What do you think??

  2. KFinkas Says:

    I actually like both Garciaparra and Giambi, used efficiently. Tonight Garciaparra was used improperly, and maybe a proper 1st baseman might have sparked things differently, or GP could have sparked things differently as a pitch-hitter.

    Barton, unfortunately played himself out of a job, we all know that, and the A’s didnt spend much at all to get Giambi and Garciaparra so we’ll see where it takes the team. Barton will be up soon when the inevitable injury bug comes creapin.

  3. winchester Says:

    I disagree with you last point that he should have started Giambi at first. I live near NY so I watch a lot of Yankee games, and Giambi has gotten pretty bad at 1B. I mean, he can play there, but Nomar is a better defensive first basemen. If nomar would have handled OCabs throw you would have never brought this up, and I think Nomar picks that more times than Giambi does, plus Nomar has more range and athleticism. If they split time evenly at 1B, not sayin they will, just if, then Giambi will end up with more errors than Nomar.

  4. NorthBayFan Says:

    I could flip a coin between Giambi and Nomar playing first. My concern was why Cust was batting 8th. IF you are going to play Cust, he should be batting 5th. In the second inning the 7th spot –at the least where he should have been hitting yesterday– came up and Suzuki hit into a double play. I love Suzuki but given the choice between Cust and Suzuki in that spot it is a no brainer. I know Geren hasn’t made any “major” mistakes but at times I swear he couldn’t make a successful batting order with the AL all-star team.

  5. KFinkas Says:

    I agree with your assessment on Geren, he’s a mediocre manager with a solid offense. I think his problem is he’s afraid at making a mistake with his “veterans” and in turn makes mistakes with the overall lineup. The only reason he put Cust in the 8 spot,is because he was afraid to have 3 lefties in a row, but he needs to face it, there all a lot of lefties on the team, just go with it.
    Also, I can’t say it enough, but Cust should not be in right field! No matter what! Am I wrong?

  6. ryan Says:

    I think Nomar playing first isn’t a bad idea. Giambi has always been a sub average fielder his whole career anyways so having Nomar there was no issue to me. i’m personally, not too high on Barton, he hasn’t shown me much when he was the regular fist baseman. I think the move was definitely a offensive minded move. I mean, when someone’s hot at the plate, they will find a spot for them.

    plus, it was opening night, theres 161 games left, its a long season.

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