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I am here to introduce myself as a new Blogger to Athleticshomeplate.com. My name is Kevin and I will be a voice here for the upcoming 2009 season; however I will begin with spring training. A little something about myself: (Skip it if you’d like) I first began writing about baseball through message boards like most, but became infatuated and then infuriated with baseball writers who cover your local team, yet have favorable ties to the opposition. So now I will begin and thanks for visiting my blog.

The first official scrimmage begins Wednesday, February 25th, in Phoenix at Maryvale Baseball Park. For those of you who are attending, drop a line here to inform me about any worthwhile moments or experiences.

To more relevant news: SS Oakland Athletics

The most compelling story of the off season (and spring for that matter) for me is Bobby Crosby’s status as the starting short stop for the A’s. The pitching rotation is all but set with the fifth starter likely to go to Gio Gonzalez or will it be the other Gonzalez, Edgar? The non-roster invitee looked impressive in a sample intrasquad game today, who knows? I digress.

Crosby and the Short-Stop position gets my attention. Word’s out that Crosby has a vendetta!

Crosby-who has yet to fullfil his potential- is hard at work, attempting to put to good use the former “Bash Brother” Mark MCgwire’s  batting instruction.  From what I’ve seen in the media reports, naysayers-especially GM Billy Bean- have lost all faith in the former ROY. This alone has sparked Crosby and so far, he’s shown a significant change in his stance, swing, and approach. From camp, many are saying he looks good. For Crosby though, is this what has hampered his success, his swing, or has it been his frequent pine riding on the disabled list? I guess we’ll know sooner rather than later, or A’s fans wont have to worry if Orlando Cabrera agrees to a lesser contract, one or the other.

I’d like to here why anyone would appose a swap of Cabrera for Crosby. Say Cabrera agrees to a $4MM and the A’s pass Crosby’s service’s to another team, and cover half of his salary around $2.5MM. Sure the home runs might not be there but the average and OBP will. What is there to dislike?

Since this is my first post here, I assume there should be some feedback???

Well chomp on that for a while and I’ll be back for more.

Post info: By KFinkas on February 24th, 2009
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  1. NorthBayFan Says:

    I personally would really like to see Crosby in our line-up this year. Anyone with a good knowledge of hitting could see the obvious hole in Crosby’s swing over the last few years. Imagine what opposing pitchers saw. He tried to correct it last year but moving closer to the plate but the problem was still is stride and swing. I think these workouts with Big Mac and Holliday will really help, it seems that he has taken to McGuire’s tutelage very positively. Crosby’s up side is amazing. Athletic 6-3 210+ lbs SS. If you look at his health issues over the years too it has been a lot of freak accidents, he needs a little luck and a lot of support.

  2. KFinkas Says:

    Yeah I’m glad someone responded to this topic because this might get interesting. Crosby has fallen out of favor with most, but he does have the talent. If somehow the A’s can hold onto him long enough to prove them otherwise, we might see a new Crosby. On the other end, if the A’s are truly dedicated to winning this year, they must avoid all question marks, starting with Crosby and the rotation.

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