It sure looked like the A’s offense was facing a stud-pitcher, Cy-young in the making, however, they weren’t. They faced a guy who basically has two pitches-fastball (not overwhelming), curveball (good)- and those two pitches have produced mediocre results so far this season. That is, until he faced the Oakland Athletics.

The A’s (13-22) lost 13-4 to the Tampa Bay Rays. The A’s offense managed nine hits, two hit games coming from Jack Cust, Adam Kennedy, and Travis Buck.


Orlando Cabrera hit his second home run in as many days and Jack Cust hit a meaningless two-run home run in the eighth to give him six long balls on the season.

The pitching was again, horrendous and it looks like more changes will be made soon, as starter Sean Gallagher gave up seven runs (all earned) on THREE hits, FIVE walks, and one strike out in 2 1/3 innings. Replacement, and recently recalled pitcher, Gio Gonzalez allowed four earned runs on six hits, THREE walks (yep, more walks), six strike outs in 3 2/3.

My favorite moment of the game was manager Bob Geren’s bullpen, speciffiocally Gio Gonzalez. Remeber that game in Seattle where the A’s blew the lead in the 13th? The one where the bullpen seemed to be running with their heads cut off? Well, it happend tonight with GIo Gonzalez. Bob Geren, “get Gonzalez up…wait sit him down, no up..” How about you, Bob Geren, sit down!

Post info: By KFinkas on May 18th, 2009
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  1. PeteK Says:

    Good grief there’s no end in sight, face it we’re gona be stuck with these terrible players forever. Just wait till July when Billy trades Holliday for a bag of beans and two more horrible players. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt on the moves he made, but anymore I just don’t see it. What are they seeing in these players that I (and most other true A’s fans) are not? Like honestly, I want to know what the upside to players like Gallagher, Barton, Hannahan, Davis, Gonzalez, and Eveland is? I mean we gave Haren away for NOTHING! At least we got Sweeney out of the Swisher deal, he’s at least SERVICEABLE, which isn’t saying that much anyway. Could I be a MLB GM? I know these guys are shot, does that make me smarter than Billy? Heck I knew these guys were shot the first time around, and don’t give me the young player excuse because honestly its getting Oakland fans and management. Every other damn team has a big bat like Longoria, or Bruce, or Votto, or Pedroia or the list goes on and on and on and on! Even Melky Cabrera is tearing it up this year, MELKY CABRERA IS HITTING BETTER THAN ANYONE ON OUR TEAM! THIS IS RIDICULOUS KILL ME NOW!

  2. PeteK Says:

    I meant to say its getting OLD, sorry

  3. Rich DeSilva Says:

    OK, I have seen enough! Even criminals shouldn’t have to watch this type of torchure. I couldn’t come close to seeing games like this even in my sons little leauge games! Gallagher was absolutely God Aweful tonight. His control issues have never been solved! The first inning was right out of a Stephen King Horror novel!!! He couldn’t hit the side of a Barn with a fricken beach ball!!! Disgusting & embarassing! The only way to recover & start the healing process in this horrific cluster fuck is to start by Firing Geren. Absolutely fire him YESTERDAY! Gimpers & limpers can take a walk too…yes you Chavy & Nomar & everyone else who cant play 4 games in a row without limping helplessly on to the DL. This is by far 100 times worse than last year for so many dissapointing reasons!!! This is by far one of the biggest backfire dissaters in recent A’s history! Each day you can swear to your self that it can’t get any more rediculous & they prove to the world that it absolutely can get more rediculous! I cannot even bare to watch anymore! Any realist knows that the season is over now & they are like deer in headlights & Pigs at the local slaughter house! Someone needs to be held accountable! I really dont know whats worse now realistically; Watching the 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers or watching the 2009 Jokeland A’s? I guarentee you the rest of MLB is laughing & has our sympathy! Another vent session, feels good!! -Rich

  4. DBrown Says:

    Not good…I may recant my last comment (MAY 9). This team is in trouble. If these young arms continue to get battered, they will be ruined. The so-called “Big Bats”, Billy brought in have done Dick Butkus. And I have to agree, Bob Geren is not an MLB head coach. A good friend, obviously, but no coach. I try to limit my bashing,but this is terrible. 40something to 13… boy am I glad I didn’t fork out a bill for that MLB package.

  5. Nick Says:

    Hey DBrown, when the team gets outscored 47-13 over the course of 4 games, you don’t have to limit your bashing. This team is just downright terrible. I feel that we are in need of a new manager also, among the many other changes this team needs.

  6. Petek Says:

    You know, its really funny. I cruise around to all the a’s fan websites,, homeplate, etc. and every person seems to be saying the same exact thing. If all us morons can come to the same conclusion WHY CAN’T ANYONE IN THE FRONT OFFICE? Like, its really no mystery. I’m not going to go into it again because I did in my previous post but honestly, ITS NO MYSTERY what’s wrong with this team? Oh, and all you fan’s who think Billy’s should leave or get fired…..I have to laugh out loud when I read those posts, folks he’s a PART OWNER of the team. HE AIN’T GOING ANNNNNNYYYYYYYYYWWHHHHHEEEERRRREEEE! So the best we can hope for is that he gets his head out of his ass, and comes to the same realization that the collective A’s nation has, we need an overhaul.

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