Any thoughts A’s fans? I personally think this deal-and now the Harden deal-were a complete waste. I’d prefer to have a oft-injured Harden over Hairston any day. He’s at best an average AL outfielder. Three players-two with immense potential and only 23- for a 29-year-old average talent?

How can true A’s fans trust this organizations moves any longer. I find the A’s difficult to watch and I have been watching them since I was six (twenty freakin years). I have grown intolerable of Matt Holliday, he’s one of the most overrated overall hitters in the game. A good hitter should be able to adjust to new pitchers, the pitchers that have not faced him have adjusted.

This organization is becoming worse and worse, year by year with really no end in sight. I’m ticked off at Billy Beane and all the A’s fans who say “just be patient, Billy knows what he’s doing.” How can anyone get excited about an organization and the future who’s best player in the last five years was Frank Thomas.

Excuse me for my negativity but I had to let it out.

For myself, the only way I’ll be truly interested in the remainder of the season is if the A’s deal most of their offense and bring up some of that “potential” talent all of these trades have accumulated.

Hold back nothing guys, I ‘d like to hear all opinions.

Post info: By KFinkas on July 13th, 2009
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  1. DBrown Says:

    Again I hate beating a dead horse but we are giving away talent…Harden and Gallagher basically for Hairston. And that move was made because Holliday has stunk it up all season…Am I wrong??? I got one, you may have forgotten about,Carlos Pena. I think we got a future All-Star for him , although the name escapes me…I say we deal all of our farm hands for Roy Halladay. F***K IT… Go all in BILLY !!!!

  2. KFinkas Says:

    How about Nelson Cruz? It was frustrating seeing him mash those home runs last night, a big-time power hitter, something the A’s have been without and will be without for some time.

  3. Winchester Says:

    I would just love it if someone could explain to me what the hell they are thinking. I absolutely hate this trade, and always have, especially with Gallagher being the PTBNL, and I would love to understand WHY this happened. Knowing that we gave up Gallagher for him is actually making me hate Hairston…Is he that much better than Buck Sweeney Cunningham Doolittle? Because he is going to be blocking two of those, and I think all of those four have more potential than a 29 year old career .255 hitter having a decent first half fluke.

    A couple weeks ago the Pirates GM wrote a letter to the fans explaining what he was thinking and why has made the moves hes made…And right about now….I really freaking need one of those from Beane, I just cant figure out what the hell he is thinking….

    Who are the outfielders of the future for us? Are they planning on Weeks in CF or are they keeping him a 2b? Do they really think Hairston is the answer in CF? I sure dont…

  4. Winchester Says:

    Its good to see Brett Anderson pitch that well.

  5. Nick Says:

    Yeah, then it’s even better to watch Gio give his follow up performance… Time to go back to minors Gio and Vinny.

  6. Nick Says:

    I can’t believe the A’s won. Down 12-2 in the 3rd inning, they come back to win 14-13. Victory of the season right here, if this doesn’t lift spirits, nothing will.

  7. winchester Says:

    A lot of people are down on Gio…and I guess rightfully so, but I still really like him. If he can ever get his control down pat…he has so much potential.

  8. dbrown Says:

    Been thinking of a way Billy could get us out of this Matt Holiday fiasco…Now here me out,we trade Holliday,and a AA or AAA or say maybe Gio to SD for Adrian Gonzales. He is under control till 2011 ,then he wants 20 mill a year. you can pay him ,trade him or collect draft picks. Reading a lot about SD FO having an itchy trigger on AG. They wont pay 20 mill,plus they have a better chance of signing Holliday long-term,than AG. I mean, Billy would have to conjour up a spell unlike the ones recently. whatta ya think

  9. Nick Says:

    I’m very happy with the Holliday deal. Getting Brett Wallace was one of the greatest things the A’s could have done. Plus, we’ll now see what Eric Patterson can do. What’s your take on the Holliday deal guys?

  10. Scott Says:

    It looks like I’m in the minority here, but i like the Hairston trade. We get a cheap bat for three guys that have absolutely no future in our organization. We have so many better, young pitchers, and even if he’s only average, Hairston will help keep our offense from being downright embarrasing. Buck and Cunnigham haven’t shown anything when they’ve had chances this year, and if they ever do start playing up to their potential, than Hairston can be flipped, even if it’s only for a mid-level prospect.

  11. Scott Says:

    Thumbs-up on the Holliday trade.

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