Four A’s players (Garciaparra, Ellis, Anderson, Casilla) left Tuesday’s game versus the Rangers with injuries, Garciaparra and Ellis with calf injuries, Anderson a blister, and Casilla an apparent leg injury.

By the way, the A’s (7-10) lost 5-4thanks to some spotty defense, and what I’m calling some awkward circumstances. Two pitchers left the game injured (Anderson, and Casilla) with at bats still in progress and both resulted in two runs, which proved to be the difference.

The A’s are more than on pace to meet last years 54 appearances on the DL, hope I’m worng.

The offense tonight did manage to get 10 hits, although they were all singles aside from Sweeney’s home run. Brett Anderson had a pitching line as such: five plus innings pitched, four runs (one earned), three hits, two walks, and five strikeouts. Too bad he had to leave early.  Orlando Cabrera went three for four, Ryan Sweeney, two for four with one RBI, and Bobby Crosby had two hits in three at bats.


Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, and… forget it, he just looks awful, and me using the Woosah phrase too much.

Wishful trends:

Ryan Sweeney hitting the long ball, Orlando Cabrera going three for four, and Brett Anderson pitching like a veteran, all on a consistent basis.

Don’t panick just yet, Woosah Woosah

Post info: By KFinkas on April 28th, 2009
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  1. 334 Says:

    what know A’s fan who are you left with: Bobby Crosby!!!!!


  2. Carlos Says:

    Seems that Matt Holliday was upset by the move that he could be playing this awful on purpose. In my opinion, sit him down for a number of games. He really isn’t doing anything, and trade him for a third baseball.

    Way to pick up the slack Kurt Suzuki.

  3. Larry Says:

    I remember about a month and a half ago watching the A’s season preview on CSNCA and Mychael Urban predicted the A’s to be a .500 record team. I thought man he’s a tough judge the A’s got to be better than that this lineup is stacked with amazing hitters and huge defence. Now it’s April 28 not even deep into a long season the A’s are under .500 and I still had hope…intill today seeing four players leave the game with injuries and then they BLOW THE LEAD. Now I’m thinking Mycheal Urban was just trying to be optimistic as well. I know it’s early and the bats still need some time to come around but really… The D.L. list seems to be growing by the minute (litterally) and offence is lacking, I don’t mean to be a negitive person but if this continues a couple more weeks you better believe Beane is on the phone trading away Holliday, Giambi, and probably some young prospect and giving up on the season just like last season with Blanton and Harden who is having a great start (NOT a Surprise By FAR). I mean give me some feedback A’s fans do you check the A’s website frequently hoping for some at least ok news and then are only left to find weak stats and tons of optimistic fluff, I myself a little to over full with this optimism for the A’s they need to realize the damage and get on it make it happen prove me wrong. Does anyone else feel like this as a once again frustrated A’s FAN? COME ON A’S

  4. KFinkas Says:

    Carlos brought up a legitimate point, Holliday doesn’t seem too happy being in Oakland, either that or he’s pressing beyond our imagination. Think about it, he’s an impending free-agent and goes from Coors field/free agent money field, to Oakland. He can hit here, but I think he went into the season with a negative outlook on his free agency.

  5. Gary t. Says:

    The bats will come around…. c’mon, it’s
    only 20 games in!!!!!

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