Tonight’s game against the Rangers has been postponed due to rain.

Mark Ellis and Nomar Garciaparra have been placed on the disabled list as expected, after suffering similar calf injuries.

The A’s called up infielder Erik Patterson and reliever Kevin Cameron from Sacramento.

I’m sure no one is shocked by this news, but being the optimist that I am, I like the Patterson move. As of right now were not losing much because Ellis hasn’t been his defensive self this year and Patterson might be able to provide some offensive spark, and he can steal some bags.

Now the pessimistic side of me, however, hates to see Garciaparra placed on the DL, but who was he kidding. He’s just that type of player at this point in his career, whatever we get from him we’ll take it. They didn’t pay him much anyways.

What are your guys feelings now?

Post info: By KFinkas on April 29th, 2009
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3 Responses to “DL busy after all. Sacramento called upon”

  1. hbracer Says:

    uh-oh!!!! This is not shaping up to the optimistic season us A’s fans were hoping for. I can already imagine Billy sitting in his office considering trade options for a struggling Matt Holliday. It’s time to go young again A’s fan. Relax and hope the young ones will develop into something better in 2010-11.

  2. Bob G. Says:

    I think Matt Holliday is busy learning a new set of pitchers. Give him until the end of May before you trade him.

  3. gary t. Says:

    it’s a long season… no need to over react yet!

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