As Susan Slusser reports, the A’s have pretty much come to an agreement with Nomar Garciaparra, so what does this mean? Is he really going to be support on the bench?

Hypothetical question: Who would you have more confidence in at third base offensively and defensively (if healthy), Chavez or Garciaparra? I ask this question because with Chavez’ injury history, this scenario might come into play sometime this season.

Garciaparra I believe has the power and average, but he lacks in defense where Chavez is king. I know Garciaparra is fragile as well but if helathy, does he offer more?

Post info: By KFinkas on March 3rd, 2009
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  1. Wes Bohn Says:

    I would give both to Chavez to be honest. Even though Chavez does not hit for the average Nomar does; Chavez has 30/40 home run power and 100-120 rbi production.

    Nomar cannot produce at the plate like chavez or in the field, but he should be an upgrade over Jack Hannanahan at the plate, but I’m not sure about in the field, he did very well with the glove in 08. Its a toss up since I have not watched Nomar in the field a lot. Seems to be just an insurance policy for chavez, because they are not confident in Jack

  2. ptothet Says:

    I agree with Wes, if Chavez is healthy, he is hands down the starter. A healthy Chavez is in his prime, and should hit 30 jacks and have 100 RBI’s. And even if he isn’t fully healthy, he is still a gold glove third baseman. Nomar is past his prime, and even if healthy, wouldn’t put up the type of number Chavey could.

    I see this move as adding a quality pinch-hitter (especially against lefties) and a reliable back-up infielder. Obviously, if Chavey, or Giambi do go down, I feel much more comfortable with Nomar filling in than Captain Jack.

    Also I could see the a’s making a surprise deal with Crosby and Barton possibly packaged with one of the young arms for a veteran starter. We shall see.

  3. KFinkas Says:

    Crosby’s going to be a hard sell obviously, but in a package it might work. I would hate to see them give away too much just to get a temp replacement. I like your package of Crosby and Barton but who could they sacrifice in the pitching department? Or better, who could you stand departing with?

  4. ptothet Says:

    I think if Crosby keeps having the spring he’s having, it won’t be quite as tough of a sell. I think in terms of the third player in the possible package, it depends on the player the a’s would acquire. For instance, SD is looking for a ML ready SS, so a pitcher like Peavy could be worth one of the top pitching prospects. I”m not saying I’d do that trade, but something along those lines. I think if the rotation doesn’t look great at the beginning of the year, something might need to be done.

  5. sharkraider Says:

    Love the idea of getting Peavy on the roster, even if we have to give up A solid pitching prospect along w/ Crosby & Barton.
    Not going to happen….but love the idea.

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