Any thoughts A’s fans? I personally think this deal-and now the Harden deal-were a complete waste. I’d prefer to have a oft-injured Harden over Hairston any day. He’s at best an average AL outfielder. Three players-two with immense potential and only 23- for a 29-year-old average talent?

How can true A’s fans trust this organizations moves any longer. I find the A’s difficult to watch and I have been watching them since I was six (twenty freakin years). I have grown intolerable of Matt Holliday, he’s one of the most overrated overall hitters in the game. A good hitter should be able to adjust to new pitchers, the pitchers that have not faced him have adjusted.

This organization is becoming worse and worse, year by year with really no end in sight. I’m ticked off at Billy Beane and all the A’s fans who say “just be patient, Billy knows what he’s doing.” How can anyone get excited about an organization and the future who’s best player in the last five years was Frank Thomas.

Excuse me for my negativity but I had to let it out.

For myself, the only way I’ll be truly interested in the remainder of the season is if the A’s deal most of their offense and bring up some of that “potential” talent all of these trades have accumulated.

Hold back nothing guys, I ‘d like to hear all opinions.

Post info: By KFinkas on July 13th, 2009
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Who else but Huston Street to finish the A’s off and complete the sweep for the third consecutive day. Who better than Carlos Gonzalez to drive in two of the three runs for the Rocks. The offense with their minds elsewhere failed to get on the board and took their fifth straight loss 3-1.

Pitching was good enough to win for the A’s, starter Vin Mazzaro allowed three runs in five innings of work. Mazzaro (2-3) gave up five hits walked four and struck out eight but was stuck with the loss. The bullpen held their own and threw the remaining four innings in shut-out fashion.

1-11 with runners in scoring position is tough to watch but it’s reality with the “new” Athletics. The A’s  sit in the standings in last place and second to last in the Major Leagues at 31-43.

They have officially hit rock bottom so whats next?

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Trevor Cahill lasted only 3 2/3 innings surrendering seven of the Rockies 11runs Saturday night as the A’s fell to the Colorado Rockies 11-9.

I think some good news came of today though guys, rumor has it that the Cardinals are stepping up efforts to acquire the “NL only” slugger Matt Holliday. If the A’s can somehow swoop up their third-base prospect Brett Wallace, it would be a nice deal for the A’s and we would at least have a solid future third baseman. You guys like the idea or do you think the season is still salvageable?

The A’s have one of the worst records in the Major Leagues and it’s not getting better with Rajai Davis, Jason Giambi, Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera. I know the Holliday remark might be seem crazy but I personally think he detracks from the old Oakland “chemistry” thing they had going for them the last few years.

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The A’s came back form a 3-0 deficit to tie the game in the eighth, then in the bottom of the ninth, runners on second and third and one out, Rajia Davis takes the first pitch for a game-winning single. Game over!

Orlando Cabrera brought in Jack Hannahan with an RBI single in the eighth to narrow the margin to 3-1. Then with a Cabrera on base Adam Kennedy tied things up with a home run to right.

Trevor Cahill was going to be the losing pitcher after pitching another more-than quality start until the offense saved him. Cahill gave up all three runs in the fourth on a three-run home run by Joe Crede. Cahill went seven innings surrendering seven hits, two walks and struck out two.

Nicely salvaged game I must say. Go A’s!

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Another wasted pitching performance by Josh Outman who got the no decision. Outman went 6 2/3 and allowed three runs but was pulled by Geren because there was a runner on first and two out… Oh no, not the ninth place hitter who is 0-2! Quick get Outman out of there! The best reliever (aside from Bailey) was used instead, for a third of an inning, nice management.  Next inning of course the A’s get lit up, and eventually lose 6-3.

Two home runs off Santiago Casilla gave the Rangers a three-run lead in the bottom of the eighth. Casilla looked bad, barely able to find the strike zone. Why not use Casilla instead of Wuertz for one batter in the seventh and use the much better reliever for a whole inning? I know what Geren was doing, he was planning ahead for the second loss of the day.

Oh by the way, anybody else see a far better manager in Clint Hurdle get canned today? Get a clue Billy!

Home run and three hits by Travis Buck, and also three hits by Kennedy.

Hopefully game two will be the PLAYERS fault, and not partially the managers.

*UPDATE TO THIS COMMENT* A’s lose second as well, 5-2

Game two’s fault goes 95% to Geren for intentionally walking a sub .200 batter who strikes out the most in the majors and 5% to pitcher, Gonzalez who gave up the tw0-run single that followed.

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As the Athletics continue to put up runs inconsistently, their minor league affiliates, especially Midland (AA), continue to swing the hot bat collectively. You could make an easy argument that the AA team offensively, is pound for pound better than AAA. The most notable right now who is on the verge of being a career minor leauger, is 26-year-old right-handed-hitting first baseman (sometimes third baseman) Tommy Everidge. His line looks like this through 45 games:

.306 7HR, 43RBI, BB/K ratio 18-25.

Everidge isn’t slowing down and he won’t, the questions is, will the A’s or even the RIvercats give him a look? He’s not getting any younger.

Adrian Cardenas shortstop, is another Double A Midland player who since being demoted from triple A has been on fire. His AAA-AA combined stats are (through 43 games):

.307 5HR, 38RBI, BB/K ratio 23-27.

He probably deserves a spot on the Rivercats but there’s no room. Billy Beane better get busy.

Triple A Sacramento:

Outfielder Aaron Cunningham, who was given a sip of the show this year before being domoted. Why he’s spending his time in Sacramento while Rajai Davis is in Oakland is beyond me. Cunninghams line is the follwing:

.315 3HR, 11RBI, BB/K ratio 3-15 (not great) but the key here to me is he hits left-handers at a .412 clip! Rajai Davis, also a right hander, .160. That’s .160 folks…HORRIBLE.

The farm system looks interesting, maybe some hitters, of course some pitchers but only time will tell.

Who needs a promotion?

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So it looks like two things will happen this year, either the A’s turn it around, which seems unlikely, or the A’s will be transformed once again with many trades coming before the deadline. The question is which one should we root for?

Personally, I love trades, but also love to watch the A’s play competitive ball, however; If the A’s have no chance of securing a playoff spot, why root for the competitive, not playoff-bound team and instead root for a better 2010? What do you guys choose and why?

One things for sure, I will always be an A’s fan and Bob Geren will be gone in the next month, hopefully.

Go Michael Ynoa!

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With two on, two out in the bottom of the eight inning, the A’s leading three to one, Ian Kinsler drives a pitch from Russ Springer to deep center field and Ryan Sweeney robbed Kinlser of what would of been a game- changing home run.Then in the top half of the ninth, Matt-oh I wish I could hit a home run-Holliday comes up and drives his first long-ball of the season to center field.

The A’s defeated the Rangers 4-2 Thursday.

Backed by some great situational pitching by Dallas Braden (3-2) and Andrew Bailey, the A’s held onto the win, setting their record at 8-11.

Braden’s pitch count forced his outing short, but he was effective once again, going five innings giving up zero runs, five hits, four walks while striking out six.

Check SportsCenter tonight because there will be plenty of “web gems” from the A’s defense including a nice throw from Holliday in left to get (greedy) Michael Young out at third with one out in the bottom of the ninth.

The offense had 11 hits, with Sweeney, Cabrera, Suzuki, and Crosby each tallying two. RBI’s from Cust (8), Holliday (12), Suzuki (8), and Powell (3).

Yeah boy!

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Four A’s players (Garciaparra, Ellis, Anderson, Casilla) left Tuesday’s game versus the Rangers with injuries, Garciaparra and Ellis with calf injuries, Anderson a blister, and Casilla an apparent leg injury.

By the way, the A’s (7-10) lost 5-4thanks to some spotty defense, and what I’m calling some awkward circumstances. Two pitchers left the game injured (Anderson, and Casilla) with at bats still in progress and both resulted in two runs, which proved to be the difference.

The A’s are more than on pace to meet last years 54 appearances on the DL, hope I’m worng.

The offense tonight did manage to get 10 hits, although they were all singles aside from Sweeney’s home run. Brett Anderson had a pitching line as such: five plus innings pitched, four runs (one earned), three hits, two walks, and five strikeouts. Too bad he had to leave early.  Orlando Cabrera went three for four, Ryan Sweeney, two for four with one RBI, and Bobby Crosby had two hits in three at bats.


Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, Matt Holliday’s inability to hit, and… forget it, he just looks awful, and me using the Woosah phrase too much.

Wishful trends:

Ryan Sweeney hitting the long ball, Orlando Cabrera going three for four, and Brett Anderson pitching like a veteran, all on a consistent basis.

Don’t panick just yet, Woosah Woosah

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As Susan Slusser reports, the A’s have pretty much come to an agreement with Nomar Garciaparra, so what does this mean? Is he really going to be support on the bench?

Hypothetical question: Who would you have more confidence in at third base offensively and defensively (if healthy), Chavez or Garciaparra? I ask this question because with Chavez’ injury history, this scenario might come into play sometime this season.

Garciaparra I believe has the power and average, but he lacks in defense where Chavez is king. I know Garciaparra is fragile as well but if helathy, does he offer more?

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