The A’s put up two runs on five hits, two hits and both RBI’s coming off the bat of Matt Holliday’s two-run blast to left. It wasn’t enough as they fell to the Chi-Towner’s from the south, 6-2. Two runs isn’t going to cut it. Coming into tonight’s game, opposing pitcher Gavin Floyd had a six-plus ERA . The A’s probably did him a favor and reset his season as they have done with several struggling pitchers this season.

Trevor Cahill started things off a bit shaky with some first inning walks but calmed down quickly and lasted 52/3 innings surrendering only two runs. Cahill (2-5) allowed only three hits, walked two and struck out three. No one can say these young guns (Cahill, Outman, Anderson) haven’t pulled their own weight given the circumstances, the offense however is not. Six of the nine starters tonight have .250 or below averages which obviously won’t cut it.

The Holliday watch has begun, if he continues to get hot will the A’s receive a bounty of prospects or was the deal to aquire him (C-Gon. Street, Smith) too much? If the A’s can aquire one solid prospect I won’t complain, conisdering the former haven’t panned out anyway.  Or would you guys prefer a type-a amount of picks next year? This team is obviously built for the future, I wonder what Mr. Bean has in mind…

Post info: By KFinkas on June 1st, 2009
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  1. Nick Says:

    Right when Casilla came out, I knew it was over. It’s time for the A’s to ship his useless ass back to the Dominican Republic. He is absolutely terrible. Yet, the same moron continuely sends him out there to lose games. Once again, way to go Geren. Please, please, please fire Geren, Billy. I can’t stress enough, but your buddy Geren kills this team day-in-day-out. This team would have a winning record if Geren did not kill this team with his managerial miscues.

  2. KFinkas Says:

    Will Geren leave Mazzaro in for the seventh? 99 pitches, probably not, hopefully the bullpen holds down the fort for Mazzaro’s first.

  3. KFinkas Says:

    Well one out and a walk prompts faithless Geren to take Mazzzaro out. Just let him finish the seventh you idiot!

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