I have to let my frustration out on someone, who better.

Maybe the whole closer controversy has come back to bite Manager Bob Geren in the rump. Instead of putting in so-called closer Brad Ziegler in the ninth inning with a two-run lead, Geren elects to keep Andrew Bailey in for his second straight inning of work, and he serves up a two-run home run. The winning run was credited to Ziegler, who finally came in with the game tied. Rajai Davis had a play at the plate but fumbled the ball and the Rays walked away with the win, 6-5.

More on Davis later.

Starting pitcher Dallas Braden, coming off his worst outing of the season in Detroit, rebounded nicely today, However; a few mistake pitches cost him a victory. Four of the six hits by Rays batters off of Braden came on  0-2 counts, including Bartlett’s go-ahead solo home run in the six. Braden (3-5) allowed three runs on six hits in seven innings of work. He struck out four and walked two.

For anyone who watched the game, is it incorrect to say that Rajai Davis should be fired? He will be buying Adam Kennedy dinner after his base running mistake almost cost the game. With men on first and second and one out, Jason Giambi hits a towering fly ball to center that looked like it could be gone, but Rajai Davis runs to third and then prematurely  goes back (in the meantime Holliday almost laps him) to tag before the center fielder plays the ball, which wasn’t caught. Result? the most inefficient single in A’s history.

This might have been worse than the Seattle loss.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 21st, 2009
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7 Responses to “Bob Geren, Rajai Davis, YOU’RE FIRED!”

  1. DBrown Says:

    Why do you think the Giants let him walk… SPEED doesn’t trump BASEBALL IQ. Also,why is it we, Beane, always think that they can make chicken-salad out of chicken-shit!!!!!!

  2. Nick Says:

    The 9th inning was really stupid… Why did Geren not put his closer in when the inning started? How much longer will it take for Beane to realize that Geren is a terrible manager and needs to go? Even if Geren is your friend, you have to decide what is better for the business aspect of the ball team and not your friendship with him.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Bye Bye Bob.

  4. Mario Says:

    Another bad decision by bob.If he was not Billy’s buddy he might be gone by the end of the season. I’m glad to see Ron washington doing so well for the first place Rangers!

  5. KFinkas Says:

    Alright guys, the ex-Athletic minor-leaguer Jesus Guzman watch is officially on as he was called up today be the Giants. Let’s hope this wasn’t a mistake by Bean, letting him go. The A’s sure could use a power hitting first baseman who hit’s from the right side.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Geren’s misuse of the bullpen is now biting him in the butt. The bullpen is one of the best in baseball, but he has not let the starters go long enough when they are throwing good games, putting too much pressure on the pen, and he always goes to the same guys: Wuertz, Springer, and Bailey. They are great but they have been way overused and are tired out! And he refuses to name a clear closer so each guy would know his role. He should make Bailey the closer and use him only in the ninth! Save his arm for situations like today’s. And when one of the starters really blows it, he needs to have someone available for long relief, not use Wuertz and Springer every day. No wonder the bullpen is starting to blow it — they’re not being used properly!! Geren must go!!




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