Tonight we saw another glimpse of the A’s promising pitching future with Vince Mazzaro making his anitcipated big league debut in impressive fashion. This guy looks as he might be the best of the new “big three” (Cahill, Anderson, Mazzaro). With his family watching in the stands, Mazzaro-and the A’s-got the win 5-0 against the White Sox.

Vince Mazzaro (1-0) went 62/3 innings and allowed no runs on only three hits, his only blemish were walks, he issued four. Mazzaro also struck out a batter. This guy throws with ease and is fun to watch, and it surely keeps me tuned in for his next start.

Mazzaro was backed by his offense tonight for five runs on eight hits, the biggest blow coming with a walk in the fifth to Jack Cust which loaded the bases and brought hot-hitting Matt Holliday up to bat. Hollday wasted little time a nailed a bases-clearing double over the right fielders head to put the A’s up five nothing. Cust drove in the other two runs, one on a sac-fly, the other a solo-line-drive home run to right in the fourth.

Side notes, not too dwell on the negative, just observations…

Gregorio Petit continued to ride the bench as jack Hannahan started at third. Hannahan went o-3 with a run scored, but continues to struggle against right or left-handed pitching. Tonight it didn’t matter but when will the A’s realize Hannahan can’t hit. Petit has proven he can hit and play above average defense.

Mazzaro just got Creamed by Dallas Braden, hillarious!

Post info: By KFinkas on June 2nd, 2009
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  1. Jerry Says:

    You raise an interesting point about players of color, in general. I have long noticed that African-Americans and Latinos have been under-represented on the A’s, which is very ironic since Oakland and the East Bay in general is such an ethnically diverse area. Seems like Billy won’t allow more than one or two black players at a time, which greatly offends me (I am white.) I really hope that is not the case, but I see a troubling pattern here.

  2. Oaktownfansince82 Says:

    Man, this is my first time on this site after seeing it advertised on the A’s website. Now, I liked it for the most part, but it is soo sad to see the author post about racism on here. Come on man, the A’s first-round draft pick was Weeks, a black guy. We got Davis is is used for spot starts and pinch running, with his hitting lately, thats why he isnt there. What do you want from the coaches and managers to do about it?? It is a known fact that there is a decline in African-Americans in all of baseball but racism has nothing to do with it. The A’s have given a start to the career of Tejada, Chavez, helped Frank Thomas lengthen his career, and so on. No need for that ignorant racism comments on this classy organization. Come on guys.

  3. KFinkas Says:

    If that comment offended you I apologize, and I’ll remove it if necessary, but as an A’s fan it’s strange to see the vast majority of players on the team mostly of the caucasian variety. They have had a few ethnic players, but the majority aren’t. Look around the league, you will see this trend year in and year out. To lighten things up a bit (no pun intended) maybe this reason is the best players are non white, therefore requiring more money to sign? It can’t be totally ignored if you have been around the A’s org. for the last ten years or so.

  4. KFinkas Says:

    Oh by the way,Outman is dealing again!

  5. Oaktownfansince82 Says:

    Ok, one: Outman always deals, great name, great young pitcher, I like em, sign em up boys!! Two, its not at all necesary to take off the post, I just wanted to say that I don’t believe that racism has anything to do with the A’s current and past roster. I will still read this pages comments and posts, because I always support A’s fans. Except the a-holes who all they do is say how much Crosby sucks. Oaktown baby! Watchin the game right now. Just watched Cunningham make a great sliding catch. The A’s outfield is one of the best in the majors, I efing love it!!

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