The A’s stole one back from the Mariners, a night after losing one in the ninth, 3-2.

The A’s scored the go-ahead run in the top of the ninth on a line drive by recently-called-up infielder Gregorio Petit who had three hits in the game. Petit’s two-out hit to right off David Ardsma was quickly gobbled up by Ichiro Suzuki but the throw short-hopped his catcher, and scoring from second was Bobby Crosby who ran over the catcher for good measure.

A’s record stands at 9-12

Rookie pitcher Trevor Cahill (o-2) had a bouce-back performance going six innings, giving up one run, seven hits, walking three and striking out one.

The offense struggled against another lefty, but Jason Giambi came through with two RBI’s, one on a double in the sixth, and the other in the eigth on a single to left.

Michael Wuertz got the save in place of “sick boy” Brad Ziegler , as he was ill.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 2nd, 2009
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  1. winchester Says:

    Just a couple notes:
    Cahill had a rough outing…even if the stats don’t say so…I was discouraged by that start. He should have given up 8+ runs, but got extremely lucky.

    After Casilla went on the DL, I was actually really happy to see GIO GONZALEZ back up…however…are they really going to use him in relief and let Josh Outman start? Outman has proved he is only effective in pen, meanwhile Gio SHOULD be starting…stupid move by the A’s.

    Lastly…Even though I agree with you about Dana Eveland, in the fact that he stinks, but we have no better options right now. He looked better than this last year, so if he can figure himself out, i want him in the rotation. He can eat innings in a rotation that badly needs just that.
    There are other people we need to replace first…Cahill, Anderson, Outman.
    (I say Cahill and Anderson not because they are not as good as Eveland, because they are clearly better, however, at this point in their careers, they are mediocre starters. Why not send them down to AAA to get an extra year of controll on them when they are Aces? Just my thought..and always has been.

  2. winchester Says:


    And Petit has hit everytime he has been up with us…is it just me or does losing ellis seem not too bad with Petit here…everytime he plays at the ML level he hits, which ellis wasn’t, and he looks really smooth at 2B…noone agrees with me but i think he may be better than ellis. He makes great contact, works the count, and gets hits, although that is a small sample.

  3. KFinkas Says:

    His bat is better than Ellis’, but he isn’t a threat to go deep. I’d prefer to take a slightly less defensive second baseman that can hit .280 in Petit over a gold-glove caliber, if he can only hit .260 in Ellis.

    Another thing, Cahill’s line last night might have scared you so much to right him off for now, but he’s learning, and he did give the A’s a chance to win, that’s why he’s here.Can’t say that much for Gonzalez, Eveland, or Outman.

  4. winchester Says:

    He did keep us in the game…but if he pitches like that again, maybe against a better offense…hes going to get hammered. He was not very sharp, however he made pitches when he had to…

  5. NorthBayFan Says:

    I just got done watching Sunday’s ultimate choke performance and I had to write something. First, great start by Outman. That was the first time I have gotten to see him pitch on TV (usually listen on radio) and he looked good. Second, I don’t understand Geren choices as a manager. In the eigth Geren substituted Davis in for Cust and Hannahan in for Giambi. I understand taking Cust out of the outfield, but why not switch him to the DH, and let Suzuki rest his legs and why move crosby over to first and take Giambi out of the line-up? Geren took our two best power hitters out of the game when he could have kept both in and still put great defense on the field. Third, why did Geren stick with Gio in the 13th? He had close to 80 pitches. Why not go to Bailey (I know he pitched yesterday, but he was a started he has stam) or Giese? This game showcased Geren’s incompetence as a manager.

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