Offense check, Pitching check.

That’s what we all expected coming into this season, three-run homers, and good pitching. The A’s took the first game of the series versus the Baltimore Orioles 9-1, backed by a solid pitching performance by Dallas Braden.

Braden was the lucky recipient of a bunch of runs, all nine in the first five innings and Braden didn’t look back. Braden evened his record on the year (5-5) and struck out a career high seven in seven innings of work. He gave up one run on just five hits, a solo shot to right off the bat of Baltimore outfielder Luke Scott, who is extremely hot right now. Has anyone noticed Braden’s tattooed-right index finger? Rollie Fingers esk. and he uses it extremely well I might add.

Braden was a little unhappy when Bob Geren removed him after the seventh inning with only 102 pitches. Braden began showing up Geren by doing pull-ups in the dug-out. Gotta love it!

The offensive onslaught began with six first-inning runs. Jack Cust hit a three-run home run to center (must of been the new haircut), Aaron Cunningham drove in two with a single up the middle, scoring Suzuki and Giambi. The final run of the inning came from the least likely Athletic, Rajai Davis, his first of the season on a line-drive-single to right. The final blow came in the fifth, a enormous three-run home run to center. To trade or not to trade, that is the question.

Geren must be loving these wins, heck, he probably thinks he has a lot to do with it. Four straight is nice, but Geren, it wasn’t you man, in fact your still very much on the hot-seat.

Go Green and Gold!

Post info: By KFinkas on June 5th, 2009
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  1. Arturo Suarez F. Says:

    Gooood words !
    Our A’s must cut RIGHT NOW that HORRIBLE number of games losings.
    I’m sorry for my write, is only that I speak Spanish….. (Is it so obvius ???)

  2. KFinkas Says:

    Not too bad Arturo! Good to here from a new guy!

  3. charleso Says:

    I believe we are seeing the A’s make a push for contention. During the 4-game streak they have cut 3 games off Texas’ lead, as well as gained on every other team in the division. I believe that if the A’s can cut Texas’ lead to less than half of what it is now,i.e. to 4 games or less, the A’s will not trade Holiday, but seek to improve thru a trade.

  4. charleso Says:

    I see us packaging, Crosbie, Hannihan,the Duke for a quality middle reliever, or making a push for Miggy. Miggy would make sense for duration of the year if the A’s can contend. he can play 3rd and give us a great bat. Gio G. comes up as a long reliever. This team will win the West!

  5. KFinkas Says:

    How could the A’s afford Tejada? That is why the let him go right, the money? I personally would hate to see us package up Duke plus two for a middle reliever. There’s no way Duchsherer gets traded this season, he will be barely healthy come the trade deadline.

  6. Oaktownfansince82 Says:

    Kfinkas, well said, but you also forgot; Defense check!! Despite not scoring runs, or pitching well on occasion, the A’s defense has been stellar all year. Sweeney, Buck, Davis, Cunningham, O.C., Kennedy, Hannahan, I don’t need to go on. Also, please, Duke won’t be traded untill he makes 10 straight starts, and even I have my doubts that that will occur this season. And also, no one wants Crosby, Hannahan, or anyone else accept for Holiday, which I think a trade with is innevitable. He’s gonna be gone before August, no matter what the A’s do, I believe. But we will get some great talent for him, that’s for sure. Go Green and Gold, baby!

  7. charleso Says:

    you are wrong to say no one wants, Crosbie and Hanahan. What is true, no one wanted him, now with injuries and such, he has value as a player who can play 4 infield positions and Rf if needed. Hanahan, has value because he truly is an excellent defensive player. I hope Duke stays, but if he won’t go to the pen, the A’s may not want to break up the rotation as is. But Mazzaro needs more starts to be sure. The A’s would have to eat part of Crosbie’s salary to trade him, but the y have done it before. Holliday would love to play for the A’s, but only if they contend. How do you know the timing of his comments weren’t intended to jumpstart the team. If so, it worked.

  8. KFinkas Says:

    Geren is such an idiot, 9-0 lead and he doesn’t let Cahill finish out the seventh after only 92 pitches.

  9. KFinkas Says:

    Geren’s decision bite’s him in the ass once again! Is he trying to let them back in the game?

  10. Oaktownfansine82 Says:

    I am not wrong to say that no one wants them. Hannahan, is a GREAT defensive player, but his offense is just plain not good. Crosby is a good player, no doubt about it, and I think the guy is classy and talented. Only thing is, he missed out on his sophmore and junior year of his career, a time where players develop, and he didnt have that. He is a great guy, and a good player, but I don’t know if another team is gonna realize that. No matter what, GREAT GAME TODAY! 5 in a row baby, that’s what I’m talking about!!

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