As both bay area teams took the loss to their division rivals Thursday, the A’s to the Halos, Giants to the Dodgers, rest assure it’s not the end of the world, even Tiger can’t win ‘em all.

On another note.

I cant seem to wonder why the A’s are giving Ben Copeland (acquired in 2008 Rule 5 Draft) any at bats. We already have Rajai Davis! To have more than one recycled Giant outfielder (not hating Giants fans) is borderline insanity, especially when they have Aaron Cunningham waiting in the wings. I know it might seem biased to base my reasoning on the fact that he was once a Giant, but common. The last known successful ex-Giant was who…thinking…and some more…Jeff Kent and his ex team mate Pedro Feliz. honesty that’s about it in the last 10 to 15 years.

Back to today’s game

Jack Cust got back to doing what he does best, hit home runs, meanwhile Sean Gallagher had a promising outing. He started the game and went two innings, giving up 3 hits, a walk, and two strikeouts. I must say, if this guy can perform like many baseball experts have predicted, it would provide a much needed boost for the young and unproven rotation.

The question of the day. What will Gallagher’s numbers be like come the all-star break? I think he is the biggest question mark of the rotation and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some correlation between the A’s success and Gallagher’s.

Post info: By KFinkas on February 26th, 2009
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  1. NorthBayFan Says:

    Good point about past Giants going on to bigger and better things. It seems that Pac Bell Park is where players careers come to die. However, I did think Francisco Lariano was in the Giants farm system before they traded him and what about Joe Nathan.

    On the important subject of the A’s. You let Jack Cust off a little easy it seems. “Jack Cust got back to doing what he does best, hit home runs…” What about the at-bat before when he had a runner in scoring position and he struck out or the inning Anderson pitched and he couldn’t run down a ball in RF or later in the inning when he didn’t have the arm strenght to challenge the runner at home. My point is that people focus on his home runs -most of those home runs come in meaningless situations with no one on base- but don’t look at what he contributes to the game as a whole. In my opinion there is a reason Cust has been a career minor league guy and it wasn’t his lack of power. I just hope Geren and Beane figure it out too before he costs us too many big games. Hopefully he will turn it around.

  2. KFinkas Says:

    It is true I left out some important information about Cust’s performance, maybe I should have stated “Cust got back to doingwhat he dose best, hitting home runs, striking out when the games important and failing in the outfield. Point taken, Cust is pretty awful in the field.

  3. wizalsh1 Says:

    Any comments on projected lineup? What are the odds Giambi gets enough protection to put up the kind of numbers we saw in NY the past few years? If Chavez is hitting behind him, it may be a long year for both of them.

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