A’s take game two from rival Angels, 6-4

Man I love having “the bouncer” back in the lineup. He makes me wanna scream, “you’re my boy blue!”

Tonight, although a nail-biter for Major League virgin pitcher Trevor Cahill and some of us fans, showcased what the A’s are capable of offensively and defensively.

Cust will drop some little league fly balls and cost the A’s runs, while the remaining Oakland defense will mostly do what’s expected of a major-league club.

Garciaparra tonight gets my praise, as he dug up some difficult in-betweener’s from Erik Chavez and Orlando Cabrera.  Also, I’m swallowing my words (for now) from yesterday but not digesting them until I can see some consistency from Garciaparra at first, but tonight he really was big for the A’s.

I won’t waste any time on the Cust in right field drama, we all know too well by now, but I will say this, he got one more than he gave up, so that’s a plus. The remaining offense was great tonight, 16 hits! Nice 2009 coming out parties for Giambi, Cust, and Sweeney, all with three hits, while Gaciaparra and Ellis had two apiece.

Young Trevor Cahill had to be feeling it tonight, facing the division rival Angels, a huge stage, bigger expectations, and a bunch of family and friends all watching. Considering all of that, he did pretty well. He will have to be more consistent though, to stay up, but he held his own going five, walking five, and giving up five hits, while serving up three runs (two of them earned).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Matt Holiday was absent.

Nice job without their stud.

Until tomorrow, go green and gold!

Post info: By KFinkas on April 8th, 2009
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  1. winchester Says:

    Great game today and good recap KF. Cust really looked good, minus his error.
    This offensive production without Holliday? GOOD SIGN!!

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