Of course the A’s couldn’t keep the Rangers quiet all game, but hey, a wins a win and with this team we’ll take any they can get. The A’s salvaged the four game series with a win Sunday 5-4 in the top of the ninth on Adam Kennedy’s second home run of the day.He’s been the best offensive player since being acquired from Tampa Bay, no doubt.

Dallas Braden (no-decision)was in the middle of a dominant one-hit performance through six innings but as the seventh inning begun, back-to-back hits and an abrasion to Bradens pitching hand ended his day. After the bullpen was done with his runners, his line looed like this: Six-plus innings, two earned runs on five hits with two walks and six strikeouts.

The bullpen combined to pitch three innings and gave up five hits and two earned runs. Andrew Bailey got the win after Bob Geren chose to bring him in for a FIVE out save with two on. He gave up the game-tying single but hung in there to get the win in the ninth. Oh it was his 25th birthday too so that worked out well for him.

The offense was pretty anemic once again, aside from Kennedy’s two bombs and Jason Giambi’s solo shot. Through the first six innings the A’s had only five hits, after that a run scored on a balk and another on a bloop single by Jack Cust.

Post info: By KFinkas on May 31st, 2009
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6 Responses to “Adam Kennedy takes Francisco deep for the win”

  1. Nick Says:

    Great win today. If anyone on the A’s was going to break Francisco, it was going to be Kennedy. Kennedy played great, Braden did also (despite not getting the win), but I still doubt the A’s will make a comeback. Bobo needs to go and Beane needs to find people who can hit the baseball like Kennedy. Being extremely patient and working the count and taking walks is good, but this team has struggled to deliver a single or a double when get runners on they get those runners on.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Beane needs to declare Bailey the closer and bring him in ONLY in 9th inning save situations so he can get completely used to his role and learn to succeed in it. He also needs to designate two set-up men and use them ONLY in those (8th inning) situations. Geren continues to misuse the bullpen and not define roles for these guys, which is hurting them. After the pen gets settled down and rested again, he can be a little more flexible when the situation dictates. Geren’s failure to let the starting pitchers go deep enough into games and misuse of the bullpen is one of the most glaring examples of his failure as a manager.

  3. NorthBayFan Says:

    WE NEED A NEW MANAGER! We need a Pinella type. A real fire cracker that will light a fire under this team. I didn’t care much for Howe, Macha but especially not “chipmunk” Geren. They are all to Blahhh. No emotion no energy. We need a manager with a personality. A.J. Hinch is now a manager, lets make Frank Thomas a manager. It would be an upgrade from Geren.

  4. KFinkas Says:

    Casilla’s become a bumb very quickly.

  5. KFinkas Says:

    It cracks me up, Geren decides to leave Breslow in one batter too late. Lead-off guy always hurt you.

  6. Nick Says:

    Right when Casilla came out, I knew it was over. It’s time for the A’s to ship his useless ass back to the Dominican Republic. He is absolutely terrible. Yet, the same moron continuely sends him out there to lose games. Once again, way to go Geren. Please, please, please fire Geren, Billy. I can’t stress enough much he kills this team day-in-day-out.

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